Zodiac signs are constellations that are in the sky at the time of your birth. If you’re wondering what are Birthstones, it’s simple. Birthstones are assigned by the zodiac sign. There are 12 Zodiac Birthstones according to astrology. Every zodiac sign has specific birthstones allotted to it according to its ruling planet. We are going to learn about birthstones by zodiac signs quickly so that you can find yours easily too!

12 Zodiac Birthstones Meanings by 12 Months

12 Zodiac Birthstones Meanings by 12 Months

Trying to find your birthstone? All you need is a clear list of zodiac birthstones meanings by month. And, we’ve got it. All it takes is 3 minutes to read this post. Are you ready?  

1.    Garnet for January Zodiac Birthstone Capricorn

The stone of root and sacral chakras, Garnet makes a Capricornian passionate and optimistic. It is the crystal for Capricorn zodiac born people who have lost all hope in life. You can learn more about Capricorn in this article.  

2.    Amethyst for February Zodiac Aquarius

The stone of mind detox, amethyst helps you think clearly. The purple stone of wisdom opens your crown chakra to make you intuitive and perceptive. Get all your questions on your zodiac sign Aquarius answered in this article.

3.    Aquamarine for March Zodiac Pisces

A crystal that brings calmness and tranquility, aquamarine brings happiness to the zodiac Pisces. It is a self-esteem-boosting crystal that makes a Pisces feel their best. Explore all about the best birthstones for Pisces here.

4.    Bloodstone for April Zodiac Aries

Stone of purification, bloodstone is considered a sacred stone. It cleanses the mind and body of Aries to help them invite luck into their lives. Bloodstone protects and nourishes you. Read all about the other birthstones for Aries in this blog post.

5.    Emerald for May Zodiac Taurus

One of a kind green crystal of love and light, emerald blesses your life when you wear it as a Taurus. Emeralds makes you an empathic leader who understands his team. You can read all about Taurus zodiac birthstones in this article.

6.    Pearl for June Zodiac Gemini

The true strength of a Gemini is her charm. Pearl brings luck and beauty besides charm into your life. It is a charisma crystal that helps you find your destiny. Learn all about the birthstones best for Gemini in this post here.

7.    Ruby for July Zodiac Cancer

One of your passion and dedication, ruby awakens your life force chakra. Wear ruby as a Cancerian if you want fun and romance in your life. You can learn more about Cancer gemstones here.

8.    Peridot for August Zodiac Leo

The stone of luck and love, peridot opens the higher heart chakra. It makes you confident and lovable by all. Wear peridot if you’re stuck in life as a Leo. There are many other zodiac birthstones for Leo you can find out in this article.

9.    Blues Sapphire for September Zodiac Virgo

Virgos need direction and confidence. Blue sapphire brings both by opening your third eye and throat chakra. Wearing blue sapphire handmade jewelry brings the luck of Saturn. Explore Virgo birthstones.

10. Opal for October Zodiac Libra

Opal invites winning opportunities into your life. It is a stone for great transformations. Opal lights your creativity and makes you innovative. Know all about the best Libra zodiac birthstones.

11. Citrine for November Zodiac Scorpio

The crystal that invites luck and prosperity into your life, citrine brings abundance too. Wear citrine if you’re a Scorpio running into failures. You can also explore the powers of other gemstones perfect for Scorpio in this blog post.

12. Tanzanite for December Zodiac Sagittarius

A crystal for intuition and wisdom, tanzanite opens your third eye and throat chakras. It makes you insightful and wise. Wear tanzanite to be a charming leader. Explore the secrets of Sagittarius birthstones here.


Finding your birthstone by the zodiac is easy. Ask your doubts below. We’ll get back to you quickly!


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