Did you buy a handmade jewelry recently? Whether your handmade jewelry is a gift or holiday purchase, you have bought yourself a treasure. And, you know why? That’s because handmade jewelry is one of a kind, one in a zillion and much more. Today we will find out all the reasons to why buy handmade jewelry.  

7 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry

7 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry

Whether it is handmade art jewelry from a designer you adore or the one made by your lovely daughter, handmade jewelry is special. You will get so many compliments on handmade jewelry you can’t track. It shows an exquisite taste and adds to your personality in a gorgeous limelight.

Let’s find out more on why handmade jewelry is a refined style of fashion trending hot nowadays.

1.    Every handmade jewelry has a story to Tell

Handmade jewelry is exquisite and made with care. Each piece is crafted to perfection in hand. It is an inspiration. Each handmade jewelry has a long tale to tell from its creation to the hands that made it. When you wear handmade, you become part of the story.

Every handmade ring or pendant has a message to send across. That’s why handmade jewelry meanings matter. You might even feel a special connection to the designer who made it.

2.    Handmade Jewelry is Unique and Exclusive

Exquisite at its best, handmade jewelry is iconic and one of a kind. Unlike a run of the mill design, every handmade jewelry design is unique. While a machine takes minutes to make a ring, handmade jewelry demands hours and days of work by hand. Moreover, machine-made jewelry looks generic and dull. On the other hand, handmade jewelry is exclusive and exotic. No two pieces of jewelry made by hand will look the same. Each handmade piece will have its unique curves and lines.

Handmade rings are often chosen for engagement rings because they can be personalized to represent the unique symbol of love. You can choose handmade jewelry to portray a unique symbolic meaning too.

3.    Exceptional Quality

Do you know who checks machine designed jewelry? Machines! On the contrary, every handmade jewelry is made with excruciating attention to detail. While a machine can miss basic flaws, when you choose handmade jewelry, every flaw is already mended. That’s why handmade jewelry guarantees the highest quality there is. Same is the reason why it’s expensive than plain vanilla designs.

Quality checks on a handmade piece is not a one-time act. Handmade jewelry is scrutinized to perfection when it is crafted by an artisan. That sparkle and quality you’re missing in the mass-produced jewelry are exactly what highlights the handmade pendant, rings and jewelry.

4.    Support Artisans

Most of us have heard of the phrase ‘Go Local’ or ‘Support Local’. Buying handmade jewelry also adds as social work as you’re giving back to the community by purchasing from your local artisans. Handmade jewelry might be someone’s bread, unlike that of a machine.

 Moreover, you don’t have to restrict to stores within 2 miles around your house. There are umpteen stories of local artisans and jewelers seeking support for their handmade jewelry across the globe. You can support them by buying more handmade jewelry.  You are lending a helping hand to a small business when you’re buying handmade designs.

5.    Superb materials

Handmade jewelry is made with love and care. Often, the raw materials for handmade jewelry go through repeated scrutiny unlike in the case of machine produced jewelry. That’s why handmade jewelry is also durable. Oftentimes, the artisan can identify and source the jewelry materials of the designs they create.

Flawless and flattering with attention to detail, handmade jewelry features higher quality material than mass made jewelry designs. A higher degree of quality is required to make special pieces. Unlike buying raw materials in bulk for machine made jewelry, handmade jewelry purchases are unique.

6.    Finite and Limited

Do you know how many designs a jeweler can produce in his or her lifetime? It depends on whether he is making the designs by hand or machine. While a mass produced jewelry can be remade exactly as it were, even after the designer is dead, that’s not the case of handmade designs.

Every jeweler puts in a finite amount of work into a jewelry. The total hours he or she can work is limited by survival unlike that of a machine. That’s why handmade jewelry is more like a collector’s choice of accessory.

7.    Sustainable and Ethical

Ethically sourced materials are the backbone of most handmade jewelers across the world. Unlike corporate giants, handmade jewelers are small businesses focused on ethical sourcing of raw materials like a diamond to gold and precious stones or metals.

As handmade jewelers do not buy in bulk, their raw materials cost higher. More often, you can inquire about the source of the metal or stone on your handmade jewelry directly unlike a jewelry giant.


Is there handmade jewelry that you love? What does it remind you of? Share it with our community starting with a comment below!


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