Whether you’re planning to gift handmade jewelry or treat yourself, our experts can help you out. Don’t search hours and days for the best places where to buy handmade jewelry. We’ve got a curated list of where to buy handmade jewelry offline and online.

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Where to Buy Handmade Jewelry Near Me?

Where to Buy Handmade Jewelry

When you’re wondering where to buy handmade jewelry, there are two basic options- Online Vs Offline. If you’re busy to go out of the house, you can order handmade jewelry online. But, if popular handmade jewelry stores are located close to you, offline handmade jewelry shopping is profitable too as you can touch the things you want to buy.


With the boom in e-tailing, online handmade jewelry sales have spiked. You no longer have to walk strange new streets to find exceptionally good handmade jewelers. You can instead, browse online. We’ve compiled a list of seven places where to buy handmade jewelry online. Let’s begin!

·      Amazon

Popular as Amazon Handmade, handmade jewelry on Amazon are plenty. You can choose by categories such as Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Charms, Body Jewelry, Hair Jewelry, Jewelry Sets, Prayer and Meditation beads, Watches, Buttons, Pins, Cufflinks and Accessories. You can refine by gender, material, metal type, artisan location, price and customer reviews to browse handmade jewelry on Amazon.

·      Etsy

Handmade jewelry on Etsy offers 2,086,908 results from all over the world. You can narrow your selection of handmade jewelry by specifying price. From vintage handmade jewelry to handmade beaded jewelry, handmade necklace and handmade jewelry silver, Etsy also features handmade accessories such as knives and accessories too.

·      Ebay

Popular as Handcrafted & Artisan Jewelry, eBay offers categories such as Brooches, Necklaces and Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Jewelry Sets, Lanyards, Anklets, Eyeglass Chains and Watches. You can refine your search for handmade jewelry online by Material, Price, Buying Format (Auction, Listing), Condition, Item Location and Delivery Options. Over 2000+ handmade jewelry items are listen on Ebay.

·      Artfire

Destination for premium artisanal handmade jewelry, ArtFire is an online hotspot for the highest trending glam jewelry made by hand. You can shop on ArtFire by categories such as Body Jewelry, Dress and Shoe Clips, Earrings, Sweater Clips, Jewelry Storage, Necklaces, Pendants, Brooches, Jewelry Sets, Watches and Rings. What’s more, you can select by ‘Gifts for Him’, ‘Gifts for Her’ and ‘Gifts for Mom’.

·      Shopify

There are many online jewelers who create handmade jewelry and sell it via Shopify. Sellers offer a myriad of options from product description to product specs and jewelry photos as well as videos when selling handmade jewelry online via Shopify. Tiny Hands jewelry is one such handmade jewelry on Shopify you can browse more about.

Professional handmade jewelers can be found in Squarespace websites too. Lucy-Barna is one such handmade jeweler on Squarespace with a wide following. You can buy from branded website after checking product descriptions and specifications besides photos and videos of the product on Squarespace websites.

·      Craigslist

An advertisement website for U.S.A, Craigslist is an online classified where you can find local artisans and their jewelry in a click. You will find local artisans with independent bids you can contact about. Images and videos of the jewelry as well as details about its make will be furnished along with the listing on Craigslist handmade jewelry.


While some jewelers have switched from online to offline, others provide both online and offline services. With the increase of online spends, the retail spends hasn’t gone down either. A great majority of people love shopping for handmade jewelry in-store. If you’re one of them, let’s find the best places you can buy handmade jewelry offline.

·      Craft Fair

A place to sell and buy all things handmade from food to jewelry, craft fairs are excellent. You can meet and greet local jewelers as well as browse their items. Many local shops set up stalls at craft fair so that you can follow their store directly in the future. Craft shows and contests are also excellent to stumble on new handmade jewelry designers around you even if you don’t buy from them right away.

·      Flea Market

An outdoor market where second-hand goods are often sold is a good place to buy handmade jewelry. You might find vintage handmade jewelry, beaded handmade jewelry, handmade earrings and pendants at flea markets, depending on your luck. Offline handmade jewelry can also be found in garage sales.

·      Pop Up Stores

You might find local cafes and libraries announcing pop up store events if you’re a regular. Handmade jewelry artisans often use pop stores to sell their items directly.

·      Festivals

Music, art and beer festivals are another excellent venue to buy handmade jewelry besides farmer’s markets.


Online handmade jewelry can be bought from anywhere in the world while Pawn shops and vintage or antique shops often have unique handmade jewelry designs you can buy offline too. Which is your pick? Tell us in the comments below!


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