Veritas Genetics is one of the only companies offering genome-wide sequencing. Competitors of Veritas Genetics test small markers in their DNA, whether SNPs or STR. With Veritas Genetics, each nucleotide is sequenced, up to The Last A, T, G or C. Although their genetic testing services are more expensive than others, they provide some of the industry’s most complete results. Below is a review of Veritas Genetics that explains its services, including its main offer, myGenome’s direct consumer testing kit.

Brief Summary of Veritas Genetics
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  • Sequencing the entire genome, with lifetime updates
  • Health results, diseases, lifestyle and ancestors, in a test
  • Includes tests for more than 200 genes related to health and disease
  • Includes details on nutrition and genetically determined dietary factors
  • For an additional cost, you can have your results analyzed by an exercise clinic panel.
  • One of the most comprehensive genetic tests on the market


  • One of the most expensive home genetic tests
  • It requires the consent and guidance of the physician
  • It takes a little longer than other testing companies.

Conclusion: with the myGenome Test at home, Veritas Genetics is trying to bring the entire genome sequencing to the masses. Although the price of the test remains too high for most people, the company is investing in a series of sequencing and artificial intelligence technologies to lower the price and accelerate the processing of a complete genome. If you have a passionate interest in genetics or have potentially serious medical conditions that concern you, Veritas Genetics can provide you with a complete test. Used by physicians at Mayo Clinic, the myGenome test can become the industry standard over time.

Overview of Veritas Genetics and Basic Data

Can be used for Ancestry, Health and Disease, and Lifestyle Genetic testing
DNA collection Spit Collection Tube
Number of SNPs tested
Entire Genome
DNA sample stored Indefinitely
US, UK, Canada
Price $999 – $2,999
Platform matching for family No
Geographical analysis of ancestry Yes
Special Features Sequence your entire genome, and get updates on important new health and disease findings, for life. Further, this test requires a physician to order and discuss your results with. The company will provide you with a physician if you do not have one.
Number of users Unknown
Ownership Privately held by a number of equity firms
Address 99 Conifer Hill Dr.
Danvers, MA 01923
Website Address https://www.Veritas
Client Reviews Few reviews, but there are several Better Business Bureau complaints about tests taking well-beyond the estimated 12-week window. They hold an A- rating with the BBB.

Company Fund for Veritas Genetics

Veritas Genetics is a spin-off of Harvard researchers and the Human Genome Project. Co-founded in 2014 by Preston Estep, Jonathan Zhao, Mirza cipher and Zhao Yining, the company was one of the first to offer next-generation sequencing for the entire genome. Although most companies test only single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP), this company “reads” or sequence a person’s entire genome.

Recently, the company has made several acquisitions and updates. These include the acquisition of an artificial intelligence startup for faster DNA analysis, as well as updates to NovaSeq 6000 of Illumina, a machine that automates the sequencing process. This also increases processing time and decreases human error.

Review of Veritas Genetic Offers

Veritas Genetics has a major offer, the mygenome kit. This DNA test kit is similar to many in that spit into a collection tube and send it back to the company. However, unlike many companies that only test small portions of DNA to identify known variants, Veritas Genetics will sequence their entire genome. The myGenome package includes smartphones and computers access to their results, as well as constant updates on new medical genetic findings related to disease and lifestyle.


The mygenome kit is one of the most comprehensive home DNA tests available. However, you will need your doctor to close the session before you can buy a kit. This is for a very good reason. The results of a genome-wide analysis are dense, confusing and should always be discussed with a doctor. If you don’t have a doctor, Veritas Genetics has a network of genetic and clinical advisors with which you can configure it. However, it is not clear whether these services are part of the basic package.

The company breaks down its results into 5 basic sections: Health, Pharmacogenomics, carrier status, lifestyle attributes and Ancestry. The health category tests for known genetic variants that can cause or lead to the disease. The company customizes its results, only shows you which genetic variants carry what can be a problem. The pharmacogenomics report is special among DNA testing companies and provides information on how different drugs may or may not be compatible with their genes. The bearer’s status report will detail whether you are carrying any genetic condition, such as cystic fibrosis.


The lifestyle attributes report contains information on how your genetics can affect your diet, exercise routine, or daily habits such as sleeping. It can also show if you have any known variant related to certain mental traits, such as memory. The descent report will give you a breakdown of your ethnic ancestry, and show you the possible routes that your ancestors may have migrated.

What Separates Veritas Genetics From Other Companies in That Sense?

Veritas Genetics is one of the few companies that sequencing the entire genome. Because of their advanced machinery, they are able to sequence the entire genome rather than focus on just a few small areas. Most companies test known SNPs, or short tandem repetitions (STR), which serve as identifiers for known alleles of a gene. With Veritas Genetics, you can know every nucleotide in the gene.

While these two methods are essentially linked at this time in terms of accuracy, the Veritas Genetics method produces significantly more data. Over time, as scientists shed more light on the human genome and genetics in general, a complete genome sequence will reveal much more. With any Veritas Genetics package, the company provides lifetime updates, which is an incredible value. Veritas Genetics is one of the only companies in testing the entire genome, although there are companies that prove the exosome (a smaller portion of DNA that codes for proteins) for a little cheaper.

How Does It Work, What Will Your Kit Include?

Get your kit, sign up on the Veritas Genetics website and spit on the tube. After sending the sample to the lab, you should wait about 12 weeks. While this is on the longer side of DNA testing companies, Veritas Genetics is also testing much more. After that time, Veritas Genetics will send you your initial report which will have sections on health, lifestyle and ancestry information related to your test.

If you need a consultation with a genetic counselor, Veritas Genetics also has the necessary connections to provide a professional. You can check the results with your own doctor or pay a little more for your internal team of clinicians to review your results. As new research arrives, the company will update the platform and apply important changes or new findings to your report. With increasing DNA testing and its entire sequenced genome, this could be a significant amount of updates and new information over time.

Description of the Results of Veritas Genetics

Health Report

The health report shall contain information on the possible health risks to which it is exposed. The standard kit analyzes more than 200 genetic variants related to the disease. Some of these may increase your risk of heart problems, Alzheimer’s or various types of cancer. Because your doctor should close the session and analyze the results with you, Veritas Genetics can provide you with information about a wide range of hereditary conditions that other companies cannot. For example, while 23andMe has a risk test for breast cancer approved by the FDA, may not offer any other evidence related to the cancer not specifically approved by the FDA. This could give you access to more information that other companies can offer.

Pharmacogenomics Report

The results of pharmacogenomics are also exclusive to Veritas Genetics. It also requires a doctor’s order to comply with the FDA, these results detail which medications may or may not work for you. Pharmacological interactions in your body can be strongly influenced by your genetics, and the results of this test can help you and your doctor get your prescription right.

Carrier’s Status Report

With the results of Carrier Status, you will be able to see any genes you carry that can lead to genetically inherited diseases. These genetic diseases can be hosted by healthy individuals, also known as “carriers”. Because they have a working copy of a given gene, they have no symptoms. If you and your partner know what diseases you’re carrying for, you can predict the chances your baby will get the disease. The standard test offers more than 40 disease tests, while the top packages examine 225 or more possible carrier conditions.

Lifestyle Attributes Report

The results of lifestyle attributes are based on genes related to your general well-being. This includes things that can affect your diet, exercise effectiveness, or general habits. The test covers more than 50 features, from response to exercise, sensitivity to alcohol, hair color, and a number of other factors. This report can help you and your doctor adapt to your diet, exercise, and habits to optimize your performance. The many proven genes will give you processable information on how you could live your life better, according to your genetics.

Ancestry Report

The final descent report details his genetic heritage. It gives you a breakdown of your ancestry, by region, and it can help you trace your ancient roots. However, the platform does not offer a family matching service or a family tree service. These results are based on genetic similarities that it shares with reference populations. While not related to Ancestry, the platform will ask about your family medical history, which will help you better provide you with processable information about your health and well-being.

Will Your Data be Shared?

Veritas Genetics ‘ Privacy Statement does not mention genetic data, only personal data collected from your website. However, in its privacy practices notice, the company addresses its use of genetic data. Your personal genetic data is protected, but it is not clear whether Veritas Genetics groups and sells aggregated non-personal data. The company allows you to opt for several research projects, which give you permission to share your data with researchers.

Media Coverage and User Opinions

Many media outlets, blogs and reviews have covered Veritas Genetics, as they were one of the first companies to offer full genome testing. Many reviewers were impressed by the amount of data Veritas Genetics provides and access to lifetime updates. The current CEO, Mirza Ciphic, has conducted several interviews about the company’s rapid expansion and growth. Veritas Genetics has been named by several publications as one of the leading genetic testing companies, as well as a prominent interruption force in the world of DNA testing. A recent article details an association formed by Veritas Genetics with the Mayo Clinic, a leading medical research hospital. Through Veritas Genetics, Mayo Clinic will offer genetic testing services directly to its patients. In return, they are providing valuable clinical reaction to Veritas Genetics, a win-win for both sides for companies and a win-win for the end consumer as well.

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User acceptance:

Veritas Genetics has very few user reviews on the web. There are 7 complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), mainly about users who never get their results or have to wait far beyond the estimated 12-week timeline. As Veritas Genetics continues to update its technology, these problems are likely to cease. In addition to BBB, there are almost no comments from Veritas Genetics customers on the web, as well as professional reviews.

Users who are happy with Veritas Genetics mentioned the following points:

  1. Veritas Genetics gives you access to a huge amount of information.
  2. The Website is well designed, with informative videos about its process and results.
  3. Updates will continue as long as you or the company are still around.
  4. By sequencing its entire genome, it is preparing for the many genetic findings to come.
  5. Veritas Genetics is using advanced sequencing and AI techniques to process genetic data.
  6. You can opt for genetic research, pooling your data with others to find new genetic correlations.

Users who give Veritas Genetics a 1 star review mentioned the following worthy points:

  1. Although it is announced at 12 weeks, the process may take much longer.
  2. Several customers bought the product more than a year ago, no results yet.
  3. The platform sequence all your code, but you can’t see it.
  4. It only gives you access to the relevant features / conditions, which you determine.
  5. You need the doctor’s permission to order the test.
  6. Too expensive for the average genetics enthusiast.

Key Conclusions for This Review of Veritas Genetics

This Veritas Genetics review contains the latest information and describes all aspects of the company’s services in detail. Veritas Genetics is ready to be a future power in genetic testing. While other companies are currently leading Veritas Genetics in number of users, its price will continue to fall. The other companies will be limited in their test technology, and they are likely to have less genetic information to investigate. Having a genome-wide sequencing test is not for everyone, and you will need your doctor (or a Veritas Genetics doctor) to sign it. However, due to the associations of Veritas Genetics with large organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, you know that your results will be accurate and comprehensive. For people who want to get a first-line genetic test, at a first-line price, Veritas Genetics is their company.


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