AC Projects a tribute exhibition

Adam Connolly 1983-2012 was a self motivated talented artist and craftsman working from his East London workshop.
This exhibition showcases a selection of works and gifts kindly loaned by friends and family to commemorate his skills and creativity. 
Bringing together items of furniture, homewares, artworks, jewellery, table tennis blades and results of collaborations from the past few years, we would like to share the opportunity to view Adam's ethos and respect for design, materials and processes.
With a natural affinity and talent for actualising his concerns and  dispositions to typography and contemporary design, some of the selected works also reference his inspirations from the artist Karl Gerstner, mathematician Martin Gardner and the culture of customised items embodied in companies such as Deus Ex Machina. 
Each project was a dedication to an awareness and scrutiny of technique and material. All elements of Adam's designs were explored to create and perfect ways to work with the properties and behaviours of his preferred materials to their and his best abilities. From ladders and windows in the workshop, including shelves such as those made for Family Tree and commissioned table tennis blades designed and made to suit the individuals playing style, everything was a unique result of the application of his endeavours and response to the task at hand. Adam made works to be enjoyed and used and is best described in his words from the statement on his website,
My motivation is primarily the enjoyment of different making process', alongside working at achieving a satisfying level of finish. Producing functional and pleasing items for myself and friends is the result of this simple desire"
The exhibition of smaller items is an opportunity to see selected aesthetic and functional works together and remember Adam's passion for his creativity.
Opening Sunday 28th July at 1pm-6pm
Monday 29th July - Saturday 3rd August 2013 11am-6pm
Family Tree
53 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QL, ENGLAND