What is Orgonite?

The Orgonites transform negative or chaotic electromagnetic waves into harmonized vital energy and in perfect harmony with Nature.
They are also known as “orgone generators” or “energy transmutators”. They provide restorative biological effects on all living organisms, which is why they are used by scientists and therapists due to their benefits in a wide range of complementary or alternative applications.

Orgonite materials and properties

Orgonite is a solid and compact structure made with 3 basic materials with the ability to attract, accumulate and organize the energy present in the environment or atmosphere of our Planet.


Due to its conductive properties, it acts as a receiving antenna, capturing the electromagnetic waves and signals that surround us.


Through its semi-conductive and static properties, it captures these waves and keeps them accumulated.


Thanks to the “metal-resin” compression, quartz activates its natural piezoelectric character and generates electrons that transform disorderly electromagnetism into orderly, vital and positive waves.

I really like to experiment with orgonite, but not only with the shapes, but also adding variety and different minerals in the orgonites, metal shavings and metal powder and on this page you can find out the main materials that I use in the composition of the Orgonites. that you will find at your disposal in the online store.

Orgonite benefits

  • Transforms the negative energy of the environment into healthy energy.
  • Benefits to plants by improving all their germination and development processes.
  • Favors cell regeneration and immune capacity.
  • Increases the levels of general vitality and optimism …

How to use orgonite

Orgonite pyramids are used by most people in homes and offices to provide constant cleaning to their living space.

They can also be used as a support tool in meditation, holding them in your hands or being in their proximity while meditating.

The Orgonite pendants are the ideal format as they allow to be worn on the person and provide a constant cleaning action of the personal energy fields at the same time that they offer protection to different types of aggression, it is understood from the “psychic attack” to the pollution of various forms of energy (electromagnetic pollution produced by mobile devices, PC and TV screens, mobile antennas, high voltage towers, Wi-Fi, microwaves, etc.).

Many of us take a bath daily with excessive energy pollution and most of the time unconsciously (for example: a TV or computer monitor projects an electromagnetic field of up to 3 meters, from the screen, which affects the energy balance exposed to its environment).


It is advisable not to move them too often, since the energy of orgonite takes time to re-organize.

orgone pyramid


More about the properties of crystals

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle and although we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nevertheless a living Being.” – Nicholas Tesla

From the book “The problem of increasing human energy” by Nikola Tesla in 1990.

Both crystals and precious or semi-precious stones have been used for thousands of years naturally due to the intrinsic healing properties of the mineral kingdom.

Currently it is known that absolutely everything that exists in the Universe are forms of energy, each with its own or corresponding vibration, including crystals.

Nikola Tesla commented on this concept as the key to understanding the Universe, thus demonstrating how certain energy forms are capable of transforming or changing the vibration or resonance of other forms of energy.

This is the explanation that the properties of minerals (crystals and stones) are used to solve various aspects, align vibrations both those of the physical cells of the body and the subtle centers or chakras in more alternative therapies.

The use of crystals as healing stones in ancient peoples and civilizations

Precious and semi-precious stones, crystals and gems have been used by our ancestors to improve balance in humans, both physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Talismans and amulets were typical among the Romans and were considered useful to improve health, to attract


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