MyHeritage DNA is part of one of biggest names in genealogy service providers, MyHeritage. Millions of people all over the world use this service for DNA testing and are becoming a huge part of their customer’s research. They also offer autosomal testing services, which is considered to be the most useful for connecting you with your close relatives and exploring your family heritage.


  • It comes with a free family tree software for each DNA test purchase.
  • Faster test results, in 3-4 weeks, compared to up to 8 weeks, other test providers.
  • Reliable customer service with a 24-hour toll-free number hotline (1-800-987-9000).
  • An awesome genealogical community that has been around a long time.


  • MyHeritage DNA does not provide any health-related information.
  • The free family tree software is not as robust as that of AncestryDNA.
  • It has one of the smallest database sizes (~2.4 million).
  • yDNA and mtDNA tests are not available.

If you just wanted to build out your family tree and on a tight budget, then this could be a good choice for you. You’d be able to get your results faster,  typically in 3-4 weeks, too. However, if you need health-related genetic information, this service won’t provide you with that info, you might want to check and consider 23andMe. If you intend to do some advanced ancestry research, then perhaps AncestryDNA is a better option. Why? It offers an autosomal test, and has a robust genealogical community and a much bigger database and more ethnicity regions to use when analyzing your autosomal DNA test results. The only drawback that we can say about AncestryDNA is that it will take longer to get those results. Oh one more thing, AncestryDNA can sneak up on you due to the monthly fee that they’ll charge in order to continue benefiting from their reporting features after taking your test.

Again, If you wanted to save money and you’re in a hurry to get results, MyHeritage is a good option. But otherwise—AncestryDNA can help you more in your genealogical pursuits simply due to all the advantages it has allowed them to build into their interface.


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