What is Newspaper.com?

Have you heard of this old newspaper site that works like those newspapers archives online with paid subscriptions? Newspaper by Ancestry is being dubbed as the largest newspaper archive to date consisting of 12,300 plus newspapers from the 1700s to 20th century. Moreover, it now has 524M+ pages of historical newspapers that can help us understand and connect with our relatives, events, and cultures of an earlier time.

Newspaper is made for us, regular people who want to know more about the family’s past. It is also perfect for historians, genealogists, researchers, instructors, teachers, and more. Newspaper allows us to easily and conveniently search for our family’s birth certificates, marriages, deaths,  and much more. It boasts with high-quality digital images and an ever-reliable powerful viewer so you’d view it with ease and make it easy to print, save to your disk drive or USB, and/share with your loved ones.

Newspaper.com Pricing Plans

Newspapers.com – Publisher Extra

Cost:  $74.90 /6 months (Save $44.50) or $19.90 /month

This plan allows you to access everything on Newspapers.com 

Newspapers.com Basic

Cost: $44.95 /6 months (Save $2.75) or $7.95 /month

Provides you access to 366 million+ additional pages

So, Is Newspapers.com Really Worth It?

Family Tree Shop just got an email from Ancestry telling us that we could get 6 months subscription of Newspapers.com – Publisher Extra for $25. Initial thoughts – Why not? We’ll be saving like what 50$ as the original cost of the said subscription is 75$ – so we decided to give it a go. By subscribing, we’d be able to use their service, find out newspapers.com – problems, and provide an unbiased review of the service which is beneficial to our readers.

Newspapers.com Review

Got a lot of emails lately asking why Newspapers instead of all those available sources of family history information locally and online? Family Tree Shop simple answer: Newspaper is an awesome source for family tree makers, researchers, and to those genealogy enthusiasts.  It has references and resources that you won’t be able to see in documents such as birth certificates or census records. A good example of this is those found on obituaries. You’d be able to see the names of the parents, husbands/wives, siblings, kids’ names, other relatives, and more. Moreover, it has other pertinent information like birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage records. You’d be able to find information on funeral arrangements along with the location as to where your ancestors were buried, his or her affiliations: social clubs, sports activities, schools attended, even church organizations.

Is Newspapers.com Easy to Use?

Search by Name

Newspapers.com can be used to look for your ancestors. You may search or browse by location and year. Or better yet, locate a specific newspaper. What’s more, is that you can take a look at a specific clipping that other users are saving. Cool eh? The fastest method is to search by name. Simply enter the name, and you’ll see the output, right off the bat.

Pro tip: you can include keywords when searching by name. You may include the first name of their husband/wife or the name of the City, where your ancestor lived.

Browse Via Newspaper and Date

You may also browse to a specific location or date using its Browse feature. Take advantage of this feature if you already have specific information for your research. For example, you already know when and where you want to look for your family tree journey. This allows you to drill down to a specific location and date, which in return, you will get narrowed results.

Let’s say that you want to find your distant relatives who lived in Utah in 1898. By browsing to Utah, and entering 1898, you’d get all the newspapers that Newspapers.com has for your specific search query.

Find Specific Newspapers

Let’s say, in your family research, and you were told by your grandma that you might find information about your distant relatives if you’d locate the old newspaper that she kept. She said that your relatives were featured by the Daily Chronicle way back in the 1960s, but you could not find those old clippings.

Well, don’t fret, Newspapers.com can help, as it allows you to search for old newspapers by name. So in the given scenario above, you would simply look for “Daily Chronicle” 


Newspapers.com for us is really worth it especially if you are into genealogy, want to create a family tree, or just want to have some fun reading old newspapers. With all the features that they offer and the ease of use, you’d get your money’s worth. But then again, consider this also (this is based on our findings): it will also depend on your area and dates of your research. It’s best to take a look at what newspapers they have currently, first and see if there’s any that may interest you. You may also take advantage of their 7-day free trial. Simply make a list of your ancestors, look for them, and download all the articles that you can find, and cancel before the 7 days. It’s actually a way to find your family tree without paying a dime.


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