Wanna make dazzling looking jewelry from the four walls of your home? You just need 5 minutes to get started. Our jewelry designers have come together to create a list of seven things on how to make handmade jewelry with beads and strings and almost everything, in simple steps. Handmade jewelry is unique, special and one of a kind.  Are you ready to conquer your jewelry dreams?

7 Step-By-Step Method on How to Make Handmade Jewelry

How to make Handmade Jewelry

DIY Jewelry is a growing trend because each of us has unique ideas. If there is an artist sleeping in you, wake him or her and start creating your dreams with handmade jewelry. Jewelry enthusiasts go through magazines, journals and books trying to find the spark to get started. But you don’t have to hunt for the right steps anymore.

Know everything on how to make handmade jewelry look professional now!

1.    Get Started: Buy a Jewelry Making Kit

From beaded kits for jewelry making to wire jewelry kits and stringing kits, there are many kits in the market for jewelry enthusiasts. To get started without many challenges, it is smart to buy a jewelry making kit for beginners. This will give you basic instruments to make jewelry. Once you’re acquainted with the props in the kit, you can choose which type of jewelry you want to make and sell.

A kit comes with all the tools to get started with jewelry making. From practical wire to wire cutters and pliers, there can be specific jewelry making kits that can help you. Choose based on your skills!

2.    Find a Niche that Fits Your Style

The next most important thing to decide is the type and style of handmade jewelry you will make. To have a better idea, go through different handmade jewelry sellers online. You can see the style, niche and tone of brands they have. From wedding to prom jewelry and accessories for teenagers or office going women, there are many untapped niches you can explore. It will help you make a booming impact on the market when you launch.

When you’re trying to identify your niche, it is best to form an idea of your target audience. The clearer your idea about the demographic you want to sell handmade jewelry to, the better will be your success rates. Picture your ideal customer in the mind!

3.    Choose Jewelry Supplies You’re Good At

When you’re picking jewelry materials, you need to have a clear idea about what you’re going to make. Once clear, you can write down the materials you want and shop just that. This will cut the overspends and help you select ideal jewelry supplies to get started on your own.

Beads, wires, gauzes are all important jewelry supplies if you’re making wire wrapped pendants or rings. Get clasps if you’re making bracelets and closures for pendants and necklaces.

4.    Acquaint With Jewelry Measurements

Next step is to form a concrete idea of the jewelry you’re going to make by hand. You need to know the standard measurements for handmade jewelry from small to medium, large and extra-large. The sooner you get started, the better.

Stick a poster of the common jewelry measurements on the walls where you work to start memorizing it.

5.    Research Jewelry Making In-Depth  

Next step is to start learning more about what you’re doing from pros. There are numerous tutorial videos and articles online you can browse for Handmade Jewelry 101. You can even attend online webinars and consult jewelry experts to answer your questions and doubts. Social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are also ideal places to get started on DIY handmade jewelry ideas.

The more you read and learn about making jewelry, the better equipped you will be when you start. Use books and magazines on handmade jewelry for techniques and secrets from the experts on handmade jewelry for beginners. You can also join popular jewelry forums on Etsy or jewelry communities online.

6.    Start practicing On a Jewelry

Select a style and shape of handmade jewelry you can make. It could be a crystal stud, a drop earring, pendant or a bracelet. Whatever the niche you want to explore, select the jewelry supplies and start making your jewelry.

Practice makes perfect. Hence, try your ideas on a rough piece before you try it out on expensive supplies.

7.    Pick a Jewelry you’ve Made, and Improve it

One way to find the passion to make handmade jewelry is by honing your talents. Did you make a crystal bracelet recently? Take a minute and think about the things you can add or modify on it. Give yourself ten minutes to come up with a bright idea. Apply the idea and see how well you executed what was in your mind. This will give you the practice you need to make unique handmade jewelry.

You’re Ready to make jewelry!

So what’s stopping you? Get started or ask your doubts in the comments below!


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