Crystals are a natural group of minerals used for ornamental to metaphysics. If you’re new to crystals, you might be wondering why are different crystals by shape. What do the different shapes of crystals mean? Rest assured, today we are going to learn about all the 7 different shapes of crystals one by one.

How To Use Different Crystals By Shape?

How to Identify and Use different Crystals by Shape

From raw crystals to polished crystals, there are a wide variety of crystal shapes in the market. How do you use these different crystals by respecting their shape? Does the shape have a meaning to the crystal’s powers? Let’s find out!

1.    Crystal Ball or Sphere

100% Natural Kyanite Ball Crystalraw stone4mm 80 piece

The perfect symmetric from all sides is seen on a crystal ball. It is a beautiful shape that is used to transmit messages from the higher realms. Gazing into the crystal ball can give you visions! Learn about the uses of crystal balls here.

2.    Pyramid Crystal By Shape

100% Natural Pyramid Clear Crystal Quartzraw stone

A pyramid has five faces with four around and one on the bottom. Considered a crystal shape that helps to focus your intentions to the heart of the universe, pyramid crystal shape works great for manifestations. Explore the uses of crystal pyramids in this article.

3.    Crystal Wand Shape

Natural Labradorite Quartz WandWand

When a crystal wand is made, it generally has four to 6 different facts on the sides. Crystal wand can have one termination or both sides terminated into a point to focus your crystal rituals.

4.    Cabochon and Tumbled Crystals by Shape

Natural Aquamarine Tumbled Crystal Stonesraw stone

Crystals that are polished in a rock tumbler create tumbled stones while a cabochon has a convex surface revealing the beauty of the stone from all sides. It has two flat sides and is in an oval shape.

5.    Crystal Cluster

Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster

When you hold a crystal cluster, you can feel the high vibrations. A crystal cluster is a combination of multiple crystals in one. It is ideal for manifestations and crystal cluster can amplify your grid energy. How to use them? Learn it in this blog post!

6.    Star Crystal Pentagon Stone

Star Of David Black Obsidian pendantNecklace

When a star of a crystal is carved out, it is believed to be a merkaba star. The pentagon stone can help you have out of body experiences by using merkaba meditation using zodiac stones. Hearing about merkaba for the first time? Read more on it here.

7.    Crystal Geode

Raw Crystal Quartz Cluster/Geoderaw stone

You must have seen crystals that are shiny inside; however, dull inside. That’s because crystal geodes are self-cleansing cavities of high vibrations. Another use of crystal geode is cleaning other stones.  

8.    Dowsing Pendant Crystal

Natural Amethyst Stone PendulumsPendulumGold Color

When a pointed crystal pendant is made, it can be used to communicate with the vibrations of your body. All you have to do is hold it over the chakra to read the vibrations. Learn all about using a dowsing pendant in this well-shared article.

9.    Crystal Figurines

Pyrite Crystal Elephant Carved Figurineraw stone

There are varieties of crystal elephants, crystal dragon skulls, crystal dolphin pendants and many varieties of carved crystals. I love crystals carved in angel shapes because it is protective just as elephant brings prosperity and peace.


Wanna know more in detail? Checkout 20 Crystal Shapes explored in detail in this blog post.

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