What is HomeDNA


HomeDNA is a genealogy service provider that offers affordable yet accurate DNA results via a simple cheek swab and this can be done right in the comfort of your own home. They offer DNA kits for ancestry, health or wellness, and even for your pets. Cool eh?  To simply put, they wanted to empower their customers with important information contained in their own DNA via an at-home genetic testing solution that’s easily accessible and affordable.

HomeDNA Pros

  • A genealogy service provider that offers products relating to your pets and your health.
  • Perfect choice for direct-to-user paternity testing.
  • Their tests provide information on user’s origins further back in time than their competitors.

HomeDNA Cons

  • Quite expensive considering the prices being offered by their competitors.
  • Upon getting the test results, they won’t help you interpret the results, or provide more details that would help you in your own research on the genes involved in each HomeDNA test.
  • Most of the tests are based on scientific evidence and do not provide other information like skincare and weight-loss tests.

The HomeDNA ancestry tests can provide you with interesting information about your past but if you want to get more information like an overview of your genetic origins, Family Tree Shop suggests that you try their data-upload feature so you won’t spend that much money on their multiple ancestry products. By doing so, the ancestry testing would just be supplementary to testing with other providers such as Ancestry, 23andMe, FamilyTree DNA, and many more. If you are looking for a reliable paternity test, then HomeDNA could be the one for you!

How to Submit or Upload your DNA/Data

Home DNA - How It Works

The submission process is quite easy. Simply browse for various tests that they offer on their website, and place your order online. You may also use the ‘Find a Store’ feature to locate a store that sells your chosen test kit. Once you have purchased your test kit, register it online using the barcode provided. Next step, is to use the cheek swabs found in your test kit, then send it back to their lab via the pre-paid mail. Take note, the shipping is free for US-based customers only. You will get a confirmation email once the samples arrived at their lab, and another email when the test result is available to be viewed on your account. Usually, it takes 2-6 weeks to generate the report.

HomeDNA Pricing

The cheapest way is to upload your own genetic samples via their GPS Origins algorithm. This costs $39.

If you will purchase the same GPS Origins report together with a DNA testing kit, it will cost you $199.

Another option is the HomeDNA Starter Ancestry Test for $69, while the HomeDNA Advanced Ancestry Test costs $124.

The HomeDNA Skin Care test costs $99 and the ‘Food & Pet Sensitivity’ test costs $164.


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