If you wanted to dive into your family history, but just haven’t had that time to research, or you don’t even know where to start. Don’t worry, Family Tree Shop is here to help you. Always bear in mind that starting your genealogy is not really hard. In fact, you ‘d be surprised at what you already know about your family.  You can read an article we recently posted – How can I find my family without paying – that sets out some family research 101 and genealogy tips.  You may also read old books  from your local library. But if you really don’t have TIME, then Genealogy Freelancers seem to be your best bet to get started.

What Is Genealogy Freelancers?

Genealogy Freelancers takes the work out of it for those who want to create a family tree but don’t have time to research. It’s like an upWork or Fiverr for Genealogy. It is a FREE (service) and easy method that allows users to connect to a genealogy expert. They have a team of professional genealogists from around the globe and ancestry experts that can provide you with all the help you need to help you draw your family or know more about your past.  All you have to do, is post a family history project, create and compare offers and choose the best genealogist for the job; easy eh? 

How Genealogy Freelancers Works

As we’ve said earlier, Genealogy Freelancers is an affordable way to hire a genealogist to do the work for you. Other specialists that can help you with your family history research include a translator, a photographer, a calligrapher, or any other family history expert. It’s like a job platform for genealogy and hiring can be done with online in a jiffy. Refer to the steps below on how Genealogy Freelancers work:

How Genealogy Freelancer Works

1. Post a project for free

The system will automatically notify a specialist who matches to your needs.

2. Post a project for a refundable fee

It’s recommended that you provide more details about your project to somehow prove that you really wanted to have your family tree project completed.

This leads to more bids being offered; it’s not just about the price.  

Upon setting up your project, a special icon will be placed next it and your 5.00 fee will be fully refunded once you have selected your specialist.

3. You may also post a genealogy job as a Featured project, and you’d get better results because of greater visibility. Why?

 – Featured projects are posted at the top of the projects lists

– Specialists get notified immediately

– Your project will go out over their RSS feed and social media accounts for maximum exposure.

– It costs $15 but this will pay off in the end.  

Time frame of Genealogy Freelancers Project

Upon selection of a specialist or genealogist, you’d set up a time frame for the job. This is your agreement and it’s your specialists’ job to ensure that get the job done on time.

Rest assured that your job will be done as it is a requirement by Genealogy Freelancers that all specialists should follow through with the family tree project that you have submitted.

What To Expect From Genealogy Freelancers

Please do not expect that much because research may bring up some quite unexpected results. You may get something that you least expected, but it’s always good to hope for the best. Again, please be prepared for whatever the outcome is.


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