So much of life seems disposable these days. From take-out containers to the stream of content that populates our feeds. How we have can exhaust someone before they have even gotten out of bed. So have a moment to reflect as a team on items in our lives which people could-never-would-never part with and we chose to hit on pause. Those that ground us. Our family tree necklace heirlooms.

Family Tree Necklace Heirlooms

A family tree necklace can be a precious heirloom. The word heirloom is defined as,”a valuable thing that has belonged to a family for several generations”. What makes a piece of jewelry an heirloom? Quality value and attractiveness are important factors. It’s the stories behind the item. There are stories of accomplishments, dreams, love, and sometimes even loss.

There is A family heirloom a direct connection to your own history. If you have a family heirloom, it is no doubt. You’ve thought about passing it. You have fond memories of the person before you who owned it and remember the day. However, what if you want to create a family heirloom? Jewelry makes the selection and a quality piece of jewellery can be worn out, appreciated and cherished when chosen wisely. If colored gemstones are your taste, picked sapphires or rubies . Consider quality and fashion, when selecting an heirloom. Strong construction and materials that are hard maintain best and timeless fashions will be worn during the years whereas fads will pass and be less desirable over time. The general rule: timeless, not trendy.


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