The Family Tree DNA is one of the leading DNA testing companies.  Gene founded it in 1999.  For individuals and countless organizations, its parent firm already had more than 5 million DNA tests done at that moment.  Its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

The thought for Family Tree DNA was created when its creator Bennett Greenspan struck a roadblock trying to research his mother’s lineage.  He was additionally inspired by the simple fact that genealogy tests were available at that moment.

The concept of correlating ancestry and genetics originated from 2 formerly executed studies, one done at the University of Arizona and the next showing the Y-chromosome match involving US president Thomas Jefferson’s male descendants and also the male descendants of the former slave Sally Hemings.

The concept of supplementing traditional genealogical research with genetics was there, it just needed to be polished and made generally accessible.  Read this Family Tree DNA review to learn more about this impressive company.

The Way Family Tree DNA Works

How Family Tree DNA Works

Like with every direct-to-consumer DNA testing supplier, the process begins with your online order.  You will first be prompted to choose your test(s) and payment method(s).  Family Tree DNA receives payments through credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) or Paypal.  Compensation is also possible via US checks US cash, and bank transfers for customers.  Family Tree DNA conducts numerous volunteer-based group projects, which offer tests that are discounted.  Your order will be admitted by means of a confirmation email.

The test kit, which is designed for one person, contains:

  • Two swabs
  • 2 tubes
  • 1 comprehensive instruction manual
  • 1 release form (paperback, not online)

The tubes come packed with antibacterial fluid, which guarantees the safety of your sample, no matter the weather conditions.  The sample will remain clean and intact for many months.

Family Finder — 4-6 months

Enormous Y — 8-10 months

Other tests — 6-8 weeks

Once available, you will have the ability to inspect your results on the internet and then print a copy at no cost.

Why Pick Family Tree DNA

To begin with, Family Tree DNA is widely known for its top-notch facilities, which many other companies use to outsource their genetic testing.  This indicates the degree of technology and professionalism .

Apart from its impressive testing facilities, Family Tree DNA offers the following perks:

  • 3 Distinct evaluations; many bundles and varieties provided
  • Cutting-edge engineering and facilities
  • Daughter company of a business giant
  • Rich help centre and knowledge database
  • Free autosomal transfer accessible from 23andMe and Ancestry DNA
  • Largest DNA database on the market
  • Jewish legacy exploration
  • Strict privacy policy and long-term anonymity
  • Worldwide transport
  • Frequent webinars
  • Automated outcome upgrades

The one drawback, however, is the absence of any medical/health information in the results.


This is the section where Family Tree DNA actually shines.  The offer is divided encompassing a number of separate variants.  The company has various package choices.

The 3 Main tests are:

Family Finder (79$) — The test finds your DNA matches, decides family connections, and hints your ancestral lineage through history.  It also uncovers your percentages that are cultural dating back to early times.  “Family Finder” is just the preferred nomenclature for the autosomal DNA test, ergo the 1 analyzing 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes (excluding the sex chromosomes, XX and XY).

Father’s line or Y-test — This evaluation is reserved for males only since females lack the Y chromosome.  It will tell you everything about your direct genetic heritage and ranges up to 340,000 years in the past.

Mother’s lineup or mtDNA test (mitochondrial) — Mitochondrial DNA goes down from mothers to children unchanged, which enables this evaluation to reach 180,000 years in the past and reveal your guide maternal lineage.  Mitochondria are not chromosomes, they are organelles located out of our cell’s nucleus, containing a little bit of DNA (although not genes).

Family Tree DNA family finder —The Family Finder group, besides its namesake test, also comprises the following bundles:

Family Finder + Y-67 + mtFull Sequence (546$)            

The first two choices differ only in the amount of mark checked.  The next bundle comprises a sequence mitochondrial test.  The fourth option is the bundle Family Tree has to offer you.


Family Tree DNA now doesn’t endorse this option.  Because of popular demand, however, it is currently working with NCBI GenBank and population genetics to create this petition a reality.

Your privacy is taken very seriously by the corporation.  You will get your ID using the evaluation kit, which can be used to link you with your results.  It is part of the info for your myFTDNA page.  If lost the ID doesn’t contain any personal information is totally random and nonsequential, and can’t be retrieved from Family Tree DNA.

 None of your personal info will be saved or shared with third parties.  You can also opt to remain anonymous, even when you’ve obtained your results, although It is possible to opt to disclose some information for easier communication with your relatives.

Shipping And Handling   

With Family Tree DNA, the standard shipping method is USPS first class shipping.  The combined shipping/handling fee is 12.95$.  You can choose Federal Express.  Next-day delivery for the US prices 25 $ and 35 $.  Saturday delivery prices 50$ for the two alternatives.  International costs differ from country to country.  Note that the expedited delivery cost comes in the top of this 12.95$ shipping/handling fee.

Family Tree DNA ships its own evaluations to all global locations except Iran and Sudan.  The return postage is not included for international shipments because of their sheer quantity.

This Family Tree DNA review strived to give you a deeper insight into the internal workings of the top-of-the-line DNA-testing firm.  The DNA testing provider was designed upon the recipe of its parent corporation and has since made a stoic example for DNA testers to follow along.

The analyzing technology is the last word of the genetic science and the results are completely explained through the abundance of information available on its site.  Connecting with your DNA games is made simple through your own personal profile on the website.

The autosomal transfer allows dipping into several unique databases, upping the chances of locating unknown relatives.  Unlike DNA businesses, Family Tree DNA ships which goes to show the number of influential and relevant partnerships it’s made over recent years.

Family Tree DNA Rating

Our evaluations are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of Family Tree DNA, creating the final rating that reflects the general quality of the corporation.  Ratings may change as the service changes.

Scope of DNA Evaluation – 4/5

Evaluation Processing Times – 5/5

Privacy and Security – 4/5

Total Experience – 4/5

Final Rating – 9/10


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