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5 Advantages of Backflow Incense Burners in your Home


With the change of seasons, almost every industry has grown. From handmade incense cones to machine made, today we have a countless variety of incense cones for crystal rituals to relaxation and peace. However, our focus is going to be on the very new trend in the incense market- advantages of Backflow Incense Burners.

These are beautiful creations for regulating the smoke of incense to fill the burner and create unique appearances based on the smoke movement. It’s dazzling!

Let’s see if backflow incense is worth your time.

5 Amazing Advantages Of Backflow Incense Burners You Can Use At Home

Incense burners from 1300 BC has made ripples in the archaeology journals. It is a soothing therapy that has its roots since hundreds and thousands of years. If you haven’t fallen in love with incenses, you will fall head over heels for backflow incense burners.

Let’s find out all the good reasons why backflow incense burners are a must-have for every home.

1.    Aromatherapy Uses Of Backflow Incenses

When you light up an incense cone with incense burner, you are actively taking part in aromatherapy. Organic, natural and safe, backflow incense burners are better than sticks. Incenses such as Sakura can be used for meditation too. Or just light up a backflow incense and do your pedicure or go to sleep to feel the relaxing effects of the incense.

2.    Gorgeous Interior Decor With Incense

Unlike incense sticks that falls here and there, making more mess in your home, backflow incense cones are easy to refill and use. The smoke will follow the aesthetic route to make the incense burner glowing with a sea of smoke. Backflow incense burners are good because they add to the beauty of the incense besides offering easy maintenance.  

3.    Feng Shui Of Backflow Incense

Another little-known benefit of backflow incense is the flow of air that it supports. Feng shui experts such as Ceida Uilyc comments that lighting a candle next to your backflow incense burner will amplify its energy when combined with your zodiac birthstone. It can cleanse the space and harness good feng shui, accelerating the flow of energy.

4.    De-Humidifying Aspects Of Incense

Do you know a good incense burner also de-humidifies your room? Although not as powerful as a dehumidifier machine, backflow incense can cleanse the dust and pollens or allergens in your room. It is excellent for removing congesting and bad energies or bad mojo from your room. Just light a backflow incense and all your worries will vanish.

5.    Long Lasting Incense Fragrance

Unlike an incense stick, incense burner with backflow also offer durable fragrance. It doesn’t just get over in 30 minutes, but the smell of the incense lasts the whole day. Backflow incense also diffuses in such a way that the fragrance can last all day in the room because it sticks.


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How to Identify and Use different Crystals by Shape

How to Identify and Use different Crystals by Shape

Crystals are a natural group of minerals used for ornamental to metaphysics. If you’re new to crystals, you might be wondering why are different crystals by shape. What do the different shapes of crystals mean? Rest assured, today we are going to learn about all the 7 different shapes of crystals one by one.

How To Use Different Crystals By Shape?

How to Identify and Use different Crystals by Shape

From raw crystals to polished crystals, there are a wide variety of crystal shapes in the market. How do you use these different crystals by respecting their shape? Does the shape have a meaning to the crystal’s powers? Let’s find out!

1.    Crystal Ball or Sphere

The perfect symmetric from all sides is seen on a crystal ball. It is a beautiful shape that is used to transmit messages from the higher realms. Gazing into the crystal ball can give you visions! Learn about the uses of crystal balls here.

2.    Pyramid Crystal By Shape

A pyramid has five faces with four around and one on the bottom. Considered a crystal shape that helps to focus your intentions to the heart of the universe, pyramid crystal shape works great for manifestations. Explore the uses of crystal pyramids in this article.

3.    Crystal Wand Shape

When a crystal wand is made, it generally has four to 6 different facts on the sides. Crystal wand can have one termination or both sides terminated into a point to focus your crystal rituals.

4.    Cabochon and Tumbled Crystals by Shape

Crystals that are polished in a rock tumbler create tumbled stones while a cabochon has a convex surface revealing the beauty of the stone from all sides. It has two flat sides and is in an oval shape.

5.    Crystal Cluster

When you hold a crystal cluster, you can feel the high vibrations. A crystal cluster is a combination of multiple crystals in one. It is ideal for manifestations and crystal cluster can amplify your grid energy. How to use them? Learn it in this blog post!

6.    Star Crystal Pentagon Stone

When a star of a crystal is carved out, it is believed to be a merkaba star. The pentagon stone can help you have out of body experiences by using merkaba meditation using zodiac stones. Hearing about merkaba for the first time? Read more on it here.

7.    Crystal Geode

You must have seen crystals that are shiny inside; however, dull inside. That’s because crystal geodes are self-cleansing cavities of high vibrations. Another use of crystal geode is cleaning other stones.  

8.    Dowsing Pendant Crystal

When a pointed crystal pendant is made, it can be used to communicate with the vibrations of your body. All you have to do is hold it over the chakra to read the vibrations. Learn all about using a dowsing pendant in this well-shared article.

9.    Crystal Figurines

There are varieties of crystal elephants, crystal dragon skulls, crystal dolphin pendants and many varieties of carved crystals. I love crystals carved in angel shapes because it is protective just as elephant brings prosperity and peace.


Wanna know more in detail? Checkout 20 Crystal Shapes explored in detail in this blog post.

3 Ways To Use Crystal Chakra Wands For Manifestation

Ways To Use Crystal Chakra Wands For Manifestation

Most of us use crystals for manifesting our intentions. Often, this is done with one or more crystals that fuel one chakra. However, what if you could energize all your major seven chakras at once? Would the manifestation happen quickly? Would it be effective? Therefore, I have experimented with multi-chakra crystals and stumbled on crystal chakra wands that contains all the ingredients for a perfect manifestation ritual.

In fact, today you will learn about chakra wands of crystals to manifest your intentions.

What Are Crystal Chakra Wands?

When a wand is made with seven chakra crystals set on it, it is called a chakra crystal wand. In fact, anything with the seven crystals corresponding to the seven major chakras- Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras is a chakra wand. Another thing is that you can make your own chakra crystal wand with your choice of crystals.

Which are the Crystals on a Crystal Chakra wand?

Ideally, the crystals according to chakras can be chosen based on how you bond with a crystal. Alternatively, you can also choose a crystal based on how it responds to your energy. Moreover, the standard crystals on a chakra crystal wands are-

1.    Crown Chakra Crystal Amethyst Or Clear Quartz

Opening your energy of intuition and connection with etheric chakra, crown chakra makes you wise. In fact, it is a chakra of higher powers.

2.    Third Eye Chakra Stone Lapis Lazuli Or Amethyst

With the third eye open, you will be able to see beyond the naked vision. Next, your spiritual eye will open.

3.    Throat Chakra Crystal Lapis Lazuli Or Aquamarine

When your throat chakra is open, you will be able to communicate effectively. Furthermore, your confidence will be boosted.

4.    Heart Chakra Stone Turquoise Or Green Aventurine

Open heart chakra makes you lovable by attracting love into your life. Additionally, it makes you kind and empathic too.

5.    Solar Plexus Crystal Tiger Eye

The chakra of wellbeing, solar plexus chakra restores the health in the body. Moreover, it is a chakra of concentration and focus.

6.    Sacral Chakra Stone Carnelian

You can use a sacral chakra crystal to open your sacral chakra. That’s because it will energize your life force energy to make you passionate and dedicated.

7.    Root Chakra Crystal Red Jasper Or Mahogany Obsidian  

When your root chakra is open, you will be grounded. Therefore, stability and balance will come into your life.

How To Use Crystal Chakra Wands For Manifestation Your Intentions?

Every day, I come across a new way to use crystals, thanks to wisdom crystals that give visions.

Let’s find out three ways to use Crystal chakra wands for manifesting any intention you have. Chakra wands amplify the energy.

1.    Speak To Your Chakra Crystal Wands

Hold your wand at eye level and communicate with it in a closed room. Finally, Open your heart and converse with your crystal!

2.    Point Your Wand At Your Throat Chakra

You can also focus the wand at your throat chakra. Thus, it will enhance your communication with the wand.

3.    Create Affirmations While Meditating With The Wand

Hold the wand in your left hand and write down affirmations that pop into your mind with the chakra crystal wand in the right hand.


Do you want to know more about chakra crystal wands? This post tells about its meaning and properties in detail. Finally, if you have doubts, ask us below!

Zodiac Birthstones Meanings To Find Yours

Zodiac Birthstones Meanings To Find Yours

Zodiac signs are constellations that are in the sky at the time of your birth. If you’re wondering what are Birthstones, it’s simple. Birthstones are assigned by the zodiac sign. There are 12 Zodiac Birthstones according to astrology. Every zodiac sign has specific birthstones allotted to it according to its ruling planet. We are going to learn about birthstones by zodiac signs quickly so that you can find yours easily too!

12 Zodiac Birthstones Meanings by 12 Months

12 Zodiac Birthstones Meanings by 12 Months

Trying to find your birthstone? All you need is a clear list of zodiac birthstones meanings by month. And, we’ve got it. All it takes is 3 minutes to read this post. Are you ready?  

1.    Garnet for January Zodiac Birthstone Capricorn

The stone of root and sacral chakras, Garnet makes a Capricornian passionate and optimistic. It is the crystal for Capricorn zodiac born people who have lost all hope in life. You can learn more about Capricorn in this article.  

2.    Amethyst for February Zodiac Aquarius

The stone of mind detox, amethyst helps you think clearly. The purple stone of wisdom opens your crown chakra to make you intuitive and perceptive. Get all your questions on your zodiac sign Aquarius answered in this article.

3.    Aquamarine for March Zodiac Pisces

A crystal that brings calmness and tranquility, aquamarine brings happiness to the zodiac Pisces. It is a self-esteem-boosting crystal that makes a Pisces feel their best. Explore all about the best birthstones for Pisces here.

4.    Bloodstone for April Zodiac Aries

Stone of purification, bloodstone is considered a sacred stone. It cleanses the mind and body of Aries to help them invite luck into their lives. Bloodstone protects and nourishes you. Read all about the other birthstones for Aries in this blog post.

5.    Emerald for May Zodiac Taurus

One of a kind green crystal of love and light, emerald blesses your life when you wear it as a Taurus. Emeralds makes you an empathic leader who understands his team. You can read all about Taurus zodiac birthstones in this article.

6.    Pearl for June Zodiac Gemini

The true strength of a Gemini is her charm. Pearl brings luck and beauty besides charm into your life. It is a charisma crystal that helps you find your destiny. Learn all about the birthstones best for Gemini in this post here.

7.    Ruby for July Zodiac Cancer

One of your passion and dedication, ruby awakens your life force chakra. Wear ruby as a Cancerian if you want fun and romance in your life. You can learn more about Cancer gemstones here.

8.    Peridot for August Zodiac Leo

The stone of luck and love, peridot opens the higher heart chakra. It makes you confident and lovable by all. Wear peridot if you’re stuck in life as a Leo. There are many other zodiac birthstones for Leo you can find out in this article.

9.    Blues Sapphire for September Zodiac Virgo

Virgos need direction and confidence. Blue sapphire brings both by opening your third eye and throat chakra. Wearing blue sapphire handmade jewelry brings the luck of Saturn. Explore Virgo birthstones here.

10. Opal for October Zodiac Libra

Opal invites winning opportunities into your life. It is a stone for great transformations. Opal lights your creativity and makes you innovative. Know all about the best Libra zodiac birthstones in this article.

11. Citrine for November Zodiac Scorpio

The crystal that invites luck and prosperity into your life, citrine brings abundance too. Wear citrine if you’re a Scorpio running into failures. You can also explore the powers of other gemstones perfect for Scorpio in this blog post.

12. Tanzanite for December Zodiac Sagittarius

A crystal for intuition and wisdom, tanzanite opens your third eye and throat chakras. It makes you insightful and wise. Wear tanzanite to be a charming leader. Explore the secrets of Sagittarius birthstones here.


Finding your birthstone by the zodiac is easy. Ask your doubts below. We’ll get back to you quickly!

How to make Handmade Jewelry?

How to make Handmade Jewelry

Wanna make dazzling looking jewelry from the four walls of your home? You just need 5 minutes to get started. Our jewelry designers have come together to create a list of seven things on how to make handmade jewelry with beads and strings and almost everything, in simple steps. Handmade jewelry is unique, special and one of a kind.  Are you ready to conquer your jewelry dreams?

7 Step-By-Step Method on How to Make Handmade Jewelry

How to make Handmade Jewelry

DIY Jewelry is a growing trend because each of us has unique ideas. If there is an artist sleeping in you, wake him or her and start creating your dreams with handmade jewelry. Jewelry enthusiasts go through magazines, journals and books trying to find the spark to get started. But you don’t have to hunt for the right steps anymore.

Know everything on how to make handmade jewelry look professional now!

1.    Get Started: Buy a Jewelry Making Kit

From beaded kits for jewelry making to wire jewelry kits and stringing kits, there are many kits in the market for jewelry enthusiasts. To get started without many challenges, it is smart to buy a jewelry making kit for beginners. This will give you basic instruments to make jewelry. Once you’re acquainted with the props in the kit, you can choose which type of jewelry you want to make and sell.

A kit comes with all the tools to get started with jewelry making. From practical wire to wire cutters and pliers, there can be specific jewelry making kits that can help you. Choose based on your skills!

2.    Find a Niche that Fits Your Style

The next most important thing to decide is the type and style of handmade jewelry you will make. To have a better idea, go through different handmade jewelry sellers online. You can see the style, niche and tone of brands they have. From wedding to prom jewelry and accessories for teenagers or office going women, there are many untapped niches you can explore. It will help you make a booming impact on the market when you launch.

When you’re trying to identify your niche, it is best to form an idea of your target audience. The clearer your idea about the demographic you want to sell handmade jewelry to, the better will be your success rates. Picture your ideal customer in the mind!

3.    Choose Jewelry Supplies You’re Good At

When you’re picking jewelry materials, you need to have a clear idea about what you’re going to make. Once clear, you can write down the materials you want and shop just that. This will cut the overspends and help you select ideal jewelry supplies to get started on your own.

Beads, wires, gauzes are all important jewelry supplies if you’re making wire wrapped pendants or rings. Get clasps if you’re making bracelets and closures for pendants and necklaces.

4.    Acquaint With Jewelry Measurements

Next step is to form a concrete idea of the jewelry you’re going to make by hand. You need to know the standard measurements for handmade jewelry from small to medium, large and extra-large. The sooner you get started, the better.

Stick a poster of the common jewelry measurements on the walls where you work to start memorizing it.

5.    Research Jewelry Making In-Depth  

Next step is to start learning more about what you’re doing from pros. There are numerous tutorial videos and articles online you can browse for Handmade Jewelry 101. You can even attend online webinars and consult jewelry experts to answer your questions and doubts. Social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are also ideal places to get started on DIY handmade jewelry ideas.

The more you read and learn about making jewelry, the better equipped you will be when you start. Use books and magazines on handmade jewelry for techniques and secrets from the experts on handmade jewelry for beginners. You can also join popular jewelry forums on Etsy or jewelry communities online.

6.    Start practicing On a Jewelry

Select a style and shape of handmade jewelry you can make. It could be a crystal stud, a drop earring, pendant or a bracelet. Whatever the niche you want to explore, select the jewelry supplies and start making your jewelry.

Practice makes perfect. Hence, try your ideas on a rough piece before you try it out on expensive supplies.

7.    Pick a Jewelry you’ve Made, and Improve it

One way to find the passion to make handmade jewelry is by honing your talents. Did you make a crystal bracelet recently? Take a minute and think about the things you can add or modify on it. Give yourself ten minutes to come up with a bright idea. Apply the idea and see how well you executed what was in your mind. This will give you the practice you need to make unique handmade jewelry.

You’re Ready to make jewelry!

So what’s stopping you? Get started or ask your doubts in the comments below!

Where to Buy Handmade Jewelry?

Where to Buy Handmade Jewelry

Whether you’re planning to gift handmade jewelry or treat yourself, our experts can help you out. Don’t search hours and days for the best places where to buy handmade jewelry. We’ve got a curated list of where to buy handmade jewelry offline and online.

Ready? Let’s get started!  

Where to Buy Handmade Jewelry Near Me?

Where to Buy Handmade Jewelry

When you’re wondering where to buy handmade jewelry, there are two basic options- Online Vs Offline. If you’re busy to go out of the house, you can order handmade jewelry online. But, if popular handmade jewelry stores are located close to you, offline handmade jewelry shopping is profitable too as you can touch the things you want to buy.


With the boom in e-tailing, online handmade jewelry sales have spiked. You no longer have to walk strange new streets to find exceptionally good handmade jewelers. You can instead, browse online. We’ve compiled a list of seven places where to buy handmade jewelry online. Let’s begin!

·      Amazon

Popular as Amazon Handmdade, handmade jewelry on Amazon are plenty. You can choose by categories such as Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Charms, Body Jewelry, Hair Jewelry, Jewelry Sets, Prayer and Meditation beads, Watches, Buttons, Pins, Cufflinks and Accessories. You can refine by gender, material, metal type, artisan location, price and customer reviews to browse handmade jewelry on Amazon.

·      Etsy

Handmade jewelry on Etsy offers 2,086,908 results from all over the world. You can narrow your selection of handmade jewelry by specifying price. From vintage handmade jewelry to handmade beaded jewelry, handmade necklace and handmade jewelry silver, Etsy also features handmade accessories such as knives and accessories too.

·      Ebay

Popular as Handcrafted & Artisan Jewelry, eBay offers categories such as Brooches, Necklaces and Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Jewelry Sets, Lanyards, Anklets, Eyeglass Chains and Watches. You can refine your search for handmade jewelry online by Material, Price, Buying Format (Auction, Listing), Condition, Item Location and Delivery Options. Over 2000+ handmade jewelry items are listen on Ebay.

·      Artfire

Destination for premium artisanal handmade jewelry, ArtFire is an online hotspot for the highest trending glam jewelry made by hand. You can shop on ArtFire by categories such as Body Jewelry, Dress and Shoe Clips, Earrings, Sweater Clips, Jewelry Storage, Necklaces, Pendants, Brooches, Jewelry Sets, Watches and Rings. What’s more, you can select by ‘Gifts for Him’, ‘Gifts for Her’ and ‘Gifts for Mom’.

·      Shopify

There are many online jewelers who create handmade jewelry and sell it via Shopify. Sellers offer a myriad of options from product description to product specs and jewelry photos as well as videos when selling handmade jewelry online via Shopify. Tiny Hands jewelry is one such handmade jewelry on Shopify you can browse more about.

·      Squarespahttps://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiw3fSFxeHiAhXbHCsKHcruB3EYABAAGgJzZg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESEeD2k1_vKpOClsmI-jKOTVtH&sig=AOD64_2l13cSZhHA33wWlPkgRoAaItjm_Q&q=&ved=2ahUKEwj08OqFxeHiAhUP2o8KHepzCzsQ0Qx6BAgmEAE&adurl=ce

Professional handmade jewelers can be found in Squarespace websites too. Lucy-Barna is one such handmade jeweler on Squarespace with a wide following. You can buy from branded website after checking product descriptions and specifications besides photos and videos of the product on Squarespace websites.

·      Craigslist

An advertisement website for U.S.A, Craigslist is an online classified where you can find local artisans and their jewelry in a click. You will find local artisans with independent bids you can contact about. Images and videos of the jewelry as well as details about its make will be furnished along with the listing on Craigslist handmade jewelry.


While some jewelers have switched from online to offline, others provide both online and offline services. With the increase of online spends, the retail spends hasn’t gone down either. A great majority of people love shopping for handmade jewelry in-store. If you’re one of them, let’s find the best places you can buy handmade jewelry offline.

·      Craft Fair

A place to sell and buy all things handmade from food to jewelry, craft fairs are excellent. You can meet and greet local jewelers as well as browse their items. Many local shops set up stalls at craft fair so that you can follow their store directly in the future. Craft shows and contests are also excellent to stumble on new handmade jewelry designers around you even if you don’t buy from them right away.

·      Flea Market

An outdoor market where second-hand goods are often sold is a good place to buy handmade jewelry. You might find vintage handmade jewelry, beaded handmade jewelry, handmade earrings and pendants at flea markets, depending on your luck. Offline handmade jewelry can also be found in garage sales.

·      Pop Up Stores

You might find local cafes and libraries announcing pop up store events if you’re a regular. Handmade jewelry artisans often use pop stores to sell their items directly.

·      Festivals

Music, art and beer festivals are another excellent venue to buy handmade jewelry besides farmer’s markets.


Online handmade jewelry can be bought from anywhere in the world while Pawn shops and vintage or antique shops often have unique handmade jewelry designs you can buy offline too. Which is your pick? Tell us in the comments below!

Why Buy Handmade Jewelry?

why handmade jewelry

Did you buy a handmade jewelry recently? Whether your handmade jewelry is a gift or holiday purchase, you have bought yourself a treasure. And, you know why? That’s because handmade jewelry is one of a kind, one in a zillion and much more. Today we will find out all the reasons to why buy handmade jewelry.  

7 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry

7 Reasons to Buy Handmade Jewelry

Whether it is handmade art jewelry from a designer you adore or the one made by your lovely daughter, handmade jewelry is special. You will get so many compliments on handmade jewelry you can’t track. It shows an exquisite taste and adds to your personality in a gorgeous limelight.

Let’s find out more on why handmade jewelry is a refined style of fashion trending hot nowadays.

1.    Every handmade jewelry has a story to Tell

Handmade jewelry is exquisite and made with care. Each piece is crafted to perfection in hand. It is an inspiration. Each handmade jewelry has a long tale to tell from its creation to the hands that made it. When you wear handmade, you become part of the story.

Every handmade ring or pendant has a message to send across. That’s why handmade jewelry meanings matter. You might even feel a special connection to the designer who made it.

2.    Handmade Jewelry is Unique and Exclusive

Exquisite at its best, handmade jewelry is iconic and one of a kind. Unlike a run of the mill design, every handmade jewelry design is unique. While a machine takes minutes to make a ring, handmade jewelry demands hours and days of work by hand. Moreover, machine-made jewelry looks generic and dull. On the other hand, handmade jewelry is exclusive and exotic. No two pieces of jewelry made by hand will look the same. Each handmade piece will have its unique curves and lines.

Handmade rings are often chosen for engagement rings because they can be personalized to represent the unique symbol of love. You can choose handmade jewelry to portray a unique symbolic meaning too.

3.    Exceptional Quality

Do you know who checks machine designed jewelry? Machines! On the contrary, every handmade jewelry is made with excruciating attention to detail. While a machine can miss basic flaws, when you choose handmade jewelry, every flaw is already mended. That’s why handmade jewelry guarantees the highest quality there is. Same is the reason why it’s expensive than plain vanilla designs.

Quality checks on a handmade piece is not a one-time act. Handmade jewelry is scrutinized to perfection when it is crafted by an artisan. That sparkle and quality you’re missing in the mass-produced jewelry are exactly what highlights the handmade pendant, rings and jewelry.

4.    Support Artisans

Most of us have heard of the phrase ‘Go Local’ or ‘Support Local’. Buying handmade jewelry also adds as social work as you’re giving back to the community by purchasing from your local artisans. Handmade jewelry might be someone’s bread, unlike that of a machine.

 Moreover, you don’t have to restrict to stores within 2 miles around your house. There are umpteen stories of local artisans and jewelers seeking support for their handmade jewelry across the globe. You can support them by buying more handmade jewelry.  You are lending a helping hand to a small business when you’re buying handmade designs.

5.    Superb materials

Handmade jewelry is made with love and care. Often, the raw materials for handmade jewelry go through repeated scrutiny unlike in the case of machine produced jewelry. That’s why handmade jewelry is also durable. Oftentimes, the artisan can identify and source the jewelry materials of the designs they create.

Flawless and flattering with attention to detail, handmade jewelry features higher quality material than mass made jewelry designs. A higher degree of quality is required to make special pieces. Unlike buying raw materials in bulk for machine made jewelry, handmade jewelry purchases are unique.

6.    Finite and Limited

Do you know how many designs a jeweler can produce in his or her lifetime? It depends on whether he is making the designs by hand or machine. While a mass produced jewelry can be remade exactly as it were, even after the designer is dead, that’s not the case of handmade designs.

Every jeweler puts in a finite amount of work into a jewelry. The total hours he or she can work is limited by survival unlike that of a machine. That’s why handmade jewelry is more like a collector’s choice of accessory.

7.    Sustainable and Ethical

Ethically sourced materials are the backbone of most handmade jewelers across the world. Unlike corporate giants, handmade jewelers are small businesses focused on ethical sourcing of raw materials like a diamond to gold and precious stones or metals.

As handmade jewelers do not buy in bulk, their raw materials cost higher. More often, you can inquire about the source of the metal or stone on your handmade jewelry directly unlike a jewelry giant.


Is there handmade jewelry that you love? What does it remind you of? Share it with our community starting with a comment below!