AncestryDNA Vs. MyHeritage-both companies started with software to build and maintain genealogical trees. In the late 2010’s, both companies expanded to the market for direct DNA testing to the consumer.

Ancesty and MyHeritage now both offer DNA test kits, in addition to their family tree subscription services that provide research and documentation of their family history. While both companies focus on the genealogy and ancestry tests DNA, each company has recently released new kits of DNA focused on the detection of the health.

Comparison: Side by Side

MyHeritage AncestryDNA
Can be used forPersonal AncestryPersonal Ancestry
DNA collectionCheek SwabSaliva Collection
Number of SNPs tested702,442637,639
DNA sample storedStored IndefinitelyStored Indefinitely
AvailabilityWorldwide excluding France Israel and PolandAround 35 Countries
Price$129-$299 per month for subscription packages$49 for DNA ancestry test$19-$45 per month for subscription services$99 for AncestryDNA test$109 for AncestryDNA + Traits
Benefits and Unique Selling PointsMassive European documentaryworld database largest connected treeSee family how many living relatives you can have from each regionCompetitive testingIn – ancestry reports in depthResults of interactive ancestry and complete database of North America’s massive records and documentation for descent origins with their matchHighest family number of geographic regions (more than 1000!)
Platform matching for familyYesYes
Geographical analysis of ancestryYesYes
Special FeaturesBuild a family tree with thousands of people, using company software and DNA results. The subscription service adds a number of discovery features to find historical documents.Compare ancestry origins between family parties. Use the genealogical tree and research database features as part of a subscription package, and get suggestions automatically located in historical documents.
Number of usersOver 2.5 MillionOver 14 Million
OwnershipPrivately owned by Gilad JaphetThe investment firm Permira
AddressOr Yehuda, Israel360 W 4800 N Provo, Utah 84604
Website Address
Editorial Score98.2% – Winner96.2%

Conclusion: these two companies are surprisingly similar, and were born from North American and European markets. They test and analyze much of the same genetic information, and provide the user with similar results. Ancesty has almost 14 million users, greatly increasing its advantage for users of ancestry alone. However, if you want to know more about your ancestry and your health-related features, MyHeritage will provide you with a much more comprehensive test package.

While the two companies are surprisingly similar, publishers here at CompareDNAKits believe that MyHeritage offers a better value for the average user.

Company Background for Ancestry and MyHeritage

Ancestry and MyHeritage have roots very similar. However, their markets have largely separated before the Internet. Ancesty has a complicated company history of providing genealogy research resources, quotes back to her first magazines and diskettes on the subject. Based in Utah, the company has a large user base in the United States and North America in general.

MyHeritage began in 2003 by a software programmer, Gilad Japhet. The company provided software to create genealogical trees, as did Ancestry. However, MyHeritage is based in Israel and most of its customers and databases are European.

In 2012, Ancesty offered his first genetic testing kit. MyHeritage followed suit in 2016. Both companies serve a wide variety of Regions and languages. However, since most of its customers came from pre-established markets, their genetic databases largely reflect this.

AncestryDNA claims more than 14 million users, while MyHeritage claims to have enough data to create a family tree of 13 million people. Both companies have an even larger database of genealogical tree information, available through a subscription service. As of 2019, both companies have expanded to health features, in addition to their descent analysis.

Winner-Company Fund / reputation:

Winner: Tie! As each company gains a more global distribution, differences in its customer base will be reduced. Ancesty has existed a little more and has many more users of DNA kit, but MyHeritage features powerful software and an incredible user base.

Ancestry vs MyHeritage Offers


AncestryDNA offers a look at its relatively recent ancestral past. For reasons they explain on their support site, ancestor only looks at autosomal DNA. This gives a good look to your more recent ancestors. The tests compare your DNA to that of more than 1000 reference populations around the world. With this data and data from its tens of millions of genealogical tree users, the company can estimate its relationship to several global populations with a high degree of accuracy.

An interesting feature of the service is the ability to track and learn more about the possible migrations your family may have been part of. Ancesty shows these potential migrations and provides some background on why these migrations were carried out. The platform also has a family matching service, which can predict how closely related it is to other users of your platform. This service allows participants willing to contact each other to further explore their family heritage.

The AncestryDNA kit is typically $ 99, and the company has several subscription services available to build and explore its family tree.

From 2019, Ancestry also offers the kit AncestryHealth Core DNA. This test covers a variety of features, covering two main areas: carrier status and health risks. Carrier status reports are related to genes you carry that can cause genetic disorders, such as Tay-Sachs disease and cystic fibrosis. Reports on the risk of health cover a variety of genes potentially harmful related with the breast and ovarian cancer, as well as genes related with the health of the heart and the blood.

The AncestryDNA kit is typically $ 99, and the company has several subscription services available to build and explore its family tree.


MyHeritage also offers a DNA test kit to explore their genetic ancestry. Like ancestor, his kit analyzes his relationship with different global populations. With its smaller number of users and smaller reference populations, the company can only allocate its genes to around 42 different global regions. Antiquity definitely has the leadership in geographic regions and reference populations, but in other areas MyHeritage stands out.

Its platform provides interactive maps to explore your family’s history, as well as a series of fun historical information. One feature even estimates how many of your users in each region are related to you, showing on a global map where these living relatives are found. The service also allows you to match with familiar relatives and contact them if both consent. Unlike Ancestry, the service doesn’t seem to analyze possible mass migrations of which your family was a part.

MyHeritage also began offering DNA health testing services. The MyHeritage Health+Ancestry test provides a much more comprehensive analysis of your health traits, compared to Ancestry. Where Ancestry provides only 3 reports of status of the company, MyHeritage provides 18 reports of the state of the company. They also provide analyses of 18 health features, including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and many more.

Winner-offer level:

Winner: MyHeritage has a small advantage in this category. Ancestry has more geographical regions to which you can match with your ethnicity, but MyHeritage has many more offers of health to create a package of DNA health and ancestry much more balanced. Both companies have a large database of users, resources and tools to analyze who they are related to. Unfortunately, both companies focus on the DNA autosomal and lose the descent deep provided by the Mtdna and the DNA-Y.

Compare the Results from AncestryDNA and MyHeritage

When it comes to the results you receive, both companies provide an online platform detailing the results of your test. Both companies have interactive maps, allowing you to explore several regions from which your ancestors originated. Ancesty has a slight advantage here too because his maps are supposedly easier to use and understand. In addition, Ancesty provides information on how your family can be connected to mass migrations. This information, linked to your vast research library, could provide real and complete evidence about your family history.

Compare the results from AncestryDNA and MyHeritage

Winner – level results:

Winner: MyHeritage, by a nose! MyHeritage and Ancesty offer incredibly similar evidence. Both companies offer ancestors and health tests, but MyHeritage will provide you with much more health-related information. Ancesty analyses more reference populations, but users may be disappointed with their health test results. Therefore, a general user will probably be more satisfied with MyHeritage. That said, If you only care about ancestry, you’ll find a more accurate ethnic analysis with Ancestry.

Will Your Data be Shared?

Both companies claim that their data will never be sold to third-party companies, but will be used for product research and development. MyHeritage has a clause in its Privacy Policy that gives you the license to basically use your sample the way you choose. Ancesty did not appear to have this general clause in his privacy statement, although the user agrees to allow them to investigate and use the information.

Winner-Data Protection:

Winner: Tie! Both companies will use their data to improve their services and research genealogy. MyHeritage expresses it in worse terms, but Ancesty basically has equal privileges over his data. The good news is that both companies allow you to delete your data on request.

Media Coverage and User Opinions

Both companies have had their fair share of media coverage, both good and bad. MyHeritage suffered bad publicity in 2017 when the company was hacked. Almost all 100 million users had to change their passwords, but it appears that no private data was exposed. Antiquity has taken heat by providing seemingly inaccurate results to some users, but in general it has mainly positive coverage.

Media coverage and user opinions

In terms of comments, ancestral fairs slightly worse than MyHeritage. On Amazon, Ancesty has over 6,800 reviews with 4.1 out of 5 stars. MyHeritage has just over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, with an average of 3.9 stars. However, Trustpilot gives MyHeritage 3.5 out of 5 stars with more than 5,800 reviews. Users who checked Ancestry on Trustpilot give the service only 2.5 stars with more than 4,700 total revisions.

Winner-media coverage and user opinions:

Winner: Tie! Both companies have some bad press, some good. While Ancestry is slightly behind MyHeritage in terms of opinions of users, this may simply be due to the policies of review of Trustpilot.

Conclusion: Ancestry vs. MyHeritage

Anyone seeking to use one of these services is primarily interested in their genealogy and family history. Both companies focus mainly on their relatively recent historical past. Both companies also offer access to a wide variety of non-DNA resources and family tree software to build and explore their history. Both companies also provide a means of finding and contacting genetic relatives. Both companies also recently started offering additional health testing services, but MyHeritage provides a much more comprehensive analysis.

Antiquity, while having more ancient users and reference populations, does not compete on the health side of things. With the database of users massive company, Ancestry should be able to provide even more traits related to health that their larger competitors, but offer a lot less than most companies. People who are only interested in their family tree will be happy, but most people want as much information as they can get. MyHeritage can offer a great descent analysis, in addition to a large and useful combination of carrier status reports and health risk reports.

Winner: MyHeritage, with a warning. MyHeritage offers a complete service, great user interface, and has mostly positive reviews. The only warning is for users only interested in genealogy and ethnicity estimates, which may be more accurate with for people interested in everything that DNA analysis has to offer, MyHeritage is a great choice!


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