is known to be a good resource to find and explore your roots.  You’ve probably seen a slew of ads for this family tree creation platform where you hear stories of users discovering long-lost family members and finding more about their ancestors and family’s past lives.  

Ancestry is also a great too for building a family tree as it can provide you with some vital information such as birthplaces, birth dates, marriage records, or death records of long-lost family members or relatives. Moreover, it’s also a collaboration platform where your family members can help you out in creating your family trees.  

Ancestry  Pricing Plans

There are various pricing options for Ancestry. There’s the basic U.S. Discovery Plan for $19.99 a month or $99 that’s to be paid every six months. The World Explorer plan that costs $34.99 per month or $149 that’s to be paid every six months; and the All-Access Plan costing $44.99 per month or $199 every 6 months. Don’t worry if you’re still kind of hesitant in committing with the platform, as you can give it a try for free! There’s a 14-day free trial where you just need to supply your credit card information. However, be mindful of the trial period as it will automatically renew to a paid plan if you forgot to cancel your free trial subscription.   

How To Do or Build a Family Tree In Ancestry


Ancestry can help you create your own Family Tree from scratch. It has family records even from the 1930s. This is the reason why the platform recommends adding someone you know who’s born before that time, to get you started. The more you add your family members, you’d start receiving more hints in the form of shaking leaves. Clicking on the leaf, you’d see available public records such as birth dates, death dates, marriage records, as well as census information that may match up to your family members or relatives. Take note, you still need to confirm this information whether it’s legit or not.

I remember when I first created my family tree using Ancestry. When I added my parents and my grandparents into the tree, these leaves showed up with my date of birth and our address in 1990. After adding my father, it gave hints to add two of three siblings and his mother. It was much faster than adding your relatives manually or using other software.

Most of the family information seems correct. And as I added grandparents, more information showed up with matching names, though with the location where they are born as well as marriage records.  You can also add stories, scanned images, recorded interviews, videos to each block and share your family trees with your family members – even non-members.


In a nutshell, Ancestry is a fun and addictive platform that you can use to create your family tree. What’s cool about this is that when you’re done making your tree is that you can export it as GEDCOM files, so you’d be able to have your family trees even if you no longer have an Ancestry subscription or account. You may upload this exported file to another service or provider as well.  You may also use a third-party service like MyCanvas, if you want to have it printed as a book, a poster, or make collages based on your Ancestry trees – not for free though, you’d have to pay for it.


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