Microbe tests can be confusing! There are literally trillions of bacteria and microbes in and in your body. In fact, it is estimated that 53% of the cells in your body are not really yours, but belong to your microbiome ecosystem. Understanding the role and function of hundreds or thousands of different species is not as simple as many companies make it seem. If the complexity of this situation intimidates you, you may want to search the Smartdna microbiome tests.

SmartDNA offers a microbiome test that is performed with the help of a certified professional. Each practitioner must first register with SmartDNA, which gives them access to videos and health and microbiome information. The professional can then receive the results of your microbiome test and help you understand what it means. This is a great option for people who want additional help in analyzing and taking action on their microbiome analysis. This article analyzes SmartDNA’s multiple offers, and how you can get them!

Brief summary for SmartDNA

This short summary will give you a great overview of our Smartdna microbiome test review. Or, you can read the full review below!


  • In-depth analysis of your microbiome
  • Tools to analyze the diversity and abundance of your microbiome
  • Specific tests for autism and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Dietary advice based on present and absent bacteria
  • Discuss your results with a trained professional
  • See a “dysbiosis Compass” to improve your microbiome diversity


  • You should take the test through a registered doctor (your doctor may qualify)
  • More expensive than most microbiome tests
  • No customer comments to judge the experience
  • No user interface (only practitioner gets results)

Our Rating: 90% – Appears as the Best Microbiome Test

SmartDNA began in the field of DNA testing, providing nutritional counseling based on DNA. Working with doctors and professionals, SmartDNA now offers a microbiome test that can analyze many aspects of your intestinal health. They offer dietary advice, analysis of the health and diversity of your microbiome, and even specific tests for autism and irritable bowel syndrome. Your test results should be checked by a certified doctor, who will help you understand the components that are important to your health.

This adds an element of inconvenience, but also allows SmartDNA to give your professional complete results in the most recent microbiome research. See our full review to see exactly what you can learn from SmartDNA and how much each test costs!

Overview of SmartDNA and Basic Data

Can be used forGut Microbiome Testing
Microbiome Collection MethodFecal Collection Kit
Microbiome Testing MethodMetagenomic Sequencing
Time-Lapse Testing?Yes, although the results are analyzed and saved by your professional
AvailabilityAustralia, United States (only where registered Practitioners are available)
Price$330 – $550
Number of usersUnknown
OwnershipSimone Walsh and Dr. Margie Smith
AddressMHTP Translational Research FacilityLevel H04 27-31 Wright StreetClayton, VIC 3168Australia
Website Addresshttps://www.SmartDNA.com/
Client ReviewsNo online reviews

Company Background for SmartDNA

SmartDNA was established in 2009 to provide significant genomic solutions for physicians and clinicians to help their patients achieve optimal well-being. Margie Smith and Simone Walsh, the company operates outside Australia, but offers their tests wherever a professional has been certified. Dr. Smith has been involved in the field of DNA testing for decades, and even wrote the book Gene Genius, which can help him learn how his genes affect his health.

Company Background for SmartDNA

SmartDNA offers DNA testing and microbiome testing. However, unlike most companies, SmartDNA requires a certified professional to receive and interpret its results for you. The company can certify your doctor online, if they are willing. Otherwise, you can look for a certified professional in your area!

Bid Review of SmartDNA

SmartDNA has 3 main test options that can analyze different aspects of your microbiome. Each test covers slightly different areas of the microbiome’s health and well-being.

Test Microbiome SmartGUT

The SmartGut microbiome test is a general health and wellness test that analyzes your microbiome. There are two versions, a basic test and an “advanced” test, which offer slightly different information about your microbiome. The basic kit provides information about your microbiome, including how your sample is compared to a healthy population, the diversity of the microbiome and the dysbiosis, how your microbiome can contribute to obesity, how your dietary intake affects your microbiome, a “dysbiosis compass” that shows negative or unhealthy conditions, and species-level identification of microbes.this microbiome test is a $ 330 Australian dollar.

The advanced test gives you even more information. You can learn what probiotic species you have, how your microbiome changes your ability to digest different foods, and what intestinal metabolites are producing your microbiome that can have a negative impact on your health. The advanced test also allows you to interact with SmartDNA’s” Krona plot”, which is like a circular graph you can click that shows the abundance of each species. This advanced smartGUT test is $ 550.

IBS GUT Detector

If you or your doctor suspect you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, the IBS GUT Detector test is for you! This microbiome analysis focuses on species known to be present in people with irritable bowel syndrome. The basic test analyzes these specific IBS species, and can use the test several times to monitor their progress with the disease over time. With the IBS GUT Detector test, you will get many of the same characteristics found in the basic microbiome test, including information on diet, abundance of species, and the dysbiosis Compass. There is also an advanced version of this test, which adds the same features as the advanced general microbiome test. The basic IBS GUT Detector test is $ 330, and the advanced version is $550.

Spectrum Detector GUT

Like IBS, people with autism often have a unique microbiome profile that affects their health. Using the GUT spectrum detector, you can see if a sample matches the autism microbiome profile. While the test is not diagnostic in itself, it can help your doctor determine whether you or a relative have autism. While the test focuses on autism, the basic version gives you all the same benefits as the smartGUT test. The advanced version, likewise, offers all the benefits of the other advanced tests. The GUT spectrum detector basic test is $ 330, and the advanced version is $ 550.

What Separates SmartDNA from Other Companies in that Sense?

The main difference between smartdna microbiome testing and testing by other companies is that you need a certified professional to work with you. While this may seem unnecessary, it fits the company’s goal of creating personalized medicine while working with clinics and clinicians. Actually, this can be very helpful, because your doctor can help you understand your results and take steps to improve your microbiome.

Autism and SII tests are also unique to SmartDNA. While other companies can cover these issues and analyze the same bacterial populations, they are not oriented to identify these specific profiles. Tests can help your doctor make a diagnosis, and can give you dietary and health advice on how to change your microbiome over time.

All smartdna microbiome tests can be taken several times to track the progress of your microbiome over time. This will help your professional understand exactly what is happening in your microbiome as you change your diet and exercise habits. SmartDNA also focuses on natural dietary changes to help improve the diversity and health of your microbiome, which is generally more effective than probiotics or packaged supplements.

How Does it Work, What will Your Kit Include?

Before starting with SmartDNA, you will need to find a SmartDNA doctor. There are two basic ways to do this. First, you can use SmartDNA’s website to find a doctor. Simply enter your information and a certified professional in your area will contact you.

Alternatively, if you like your doctor, you can try to convince them to become a certified doctor. If you are registered with SmartDNA, you can receive your results directly. Becoming a registered practitioner is as simple as registering and watching some videos on the topic of the microbiome. This option can make it easier for insurance to cope with the cost of your DNA test. In order for your professional to obtain certification, you must complete the steps on the professional’s page in SmartDNA.com-what?

Once you are configured with a professional, simply have the professional order the kit for you. You can also request a kit yourself directly through the website, but it must be analyzed by a registered professional so that you can receive your results. The kit includes instructions to collect a stool sample, which is then mailed to the laboratory in Australia. Once the sample is processed, the results will be available to your doctor immediately through the online portal.

Understanding Results

Fortunately, your professional will review the results with you and explain what various aspects of your report mean. The report will detail many aspects of their microbiome, including the diversity and abundance of different species. Many ideas will be presented that include various health risks, their biome compared to a healthy population and dietary recommendations.

Understanding Results

If you decide to go to the “Advanced” Test in any category, your results will be a little more interactive. You will gain access to a Krona plot to explore the diversity and function of your microbiome. The advanced test also analyzes the products your microbiome is creating. Bacteria in your gut create many different chemicals as they break down food into energy and reproduce. Some of these chemicals can affect the nutrients you get from food, and some of them are even neurotransmitters that can affect your nervous system, including your brain!

Tests for autism and IBS work by analyzing the microbiome and comparing the relative abundance of different species. People with autism usually have a unique intestinal biome with different proportions of specific species compared to other people’s microbiomes, which you can learn more about in this article about autism and microbiome. SII can actually be caused by a dysbiotic microbiome, and future treatments may include handling the microbiome.

Media Coverage and User Opinions

SmartDNA operates under slightly different conditions than the majority of the companies of a DNA test, as they require the use of a registered physician. This means that in most countries your data is considered part of your medical history and protected by various privacy laws. Furthermore, because they operate through professionals, they have not been reviewed online.

Key Findings for this SmartDNA Review

SmartDNA is probably able to provide you with very complete and detailed results, in light of the fact that you will be working with a certified doctor to go over your test. In that sense, the evidence of the microbiome of SmartDNA are probably some of the best. However, it is difficult to know for sure what it gets because the company has not published any sample results. The company has unique tests for autism and IBS, which may be perfect for some customers.

However, for the average person, the tests are very expensive and may not provide definitive results in any condition. There are many companies that will provide nutritional advice based on their microbiome profile, and many of them are cheaper. Many of these consumer testing companies condense and simplify their results to facilitate understanding, but that may mean they lose some important aspects that a professional would pick up.

This makes SmartDNA a great choice for microbiome testing if you want the help and advice of a professional. If you are more than a” do it yourself ” type of person, do not hesitate to check out the other microbiome testing companies we have reviewed!


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