MyHeritage has generated a solid reputation in the DNA ancestry testing industry, with one of the largest databases of documents related to family trees in the world. Although they only started offering DNA tests in 2016, their tests are one of the most comprehensive for Ancestry and genealogy information.

Competing with people like, 23andMe and other giants, the company serves customers from around the world and has over 100 million users of its Family Tree Service (see our direct comparison of MyHeritage vs. Ancesty). Read our full review of MyHeritage to find out what the company has to offer and get our editorial opinion about the company. Our team you have collected information to create this MyHeritage review that includes costs, prices, limits, DNA testing review, terms and conditions, as well as customer feedback.

MyHeritage – Advantages and Disadvantages

If you do not want to read our extended review of MyHeritage, see the executive summary below:


  • Cheaper to use
  • The best value for money
  • The world’s largest family tree service
  • Complete genealogy results
  • Large database of users to match with
  • New and competitive health testing services


  • Subscription required for advanced services
  • Complicated online system

Our Rating: 98.2%
✓ The best family tree
✓ The best for genealogy
✓ The best value for money
✓ Clean reputation

General Description of MyHeritage and Basic Data

Can be used forPersonal Ancestry, Health/Wellness Testing
DNA collectionSwab for Cheek Cells
Number of SNPs tested702,442.00
DNA sample storedSample Stored Indefinitely
AvailabilityWorldwide, minus France, Israel, Alaska, and Poland
Platform matching for familyYes
Geographical analysis of ancestryYes
Special FeaturesAs an exclusive platform of ancestry and family tree, it automatically identifies its familiar relatives and traces relevant events on an ethnic map. In addition, it can investigate historical documents in one of the largest databases in the world.
Number of users1,750,000
OwnershipPrivately owned by Gilad Japhet
AddressOr Yehuda, Israel
Website Address
Client Reviews1000+ Amazon Reviews – 3.64/5 starts
5,600+ Trustpilot Reviews – 3.5/5 stars

MyHeritage Company Background

MyHeritage was founded in 2003 by Gilad Japhet, an Israeli businessman. Japhet first created the software necessary for the construction of genealogical trees, which was the basis of MyHeritage. The company offers many tools to discover your family history, as well as DNA testing. From desktop software that could upload results to a static website, the platform has evolved considerably. Now the platform exists completely online. Its database now includes over 9 billion records, and offers free tools for genealogical tree creation.

MyHeritage Company Background

In 2016, the company offered its first direct DNA testing service to the consumer. DNA test results can be linked to your family tree on your platform. This allows users to find surnames related to their family history, find and contact genetic matches, and build a family tree based on more than genetic information. The DNA service is already available in more than 17 languages, almost worldwide. MyHeritage recently announced that it has profiles for more than 3 billion people incorporated into genealogical trees! The company owns the genealogy storage site, and currently has about 100 million users of its family tree software. In 2019, the company began offering the DNA health+Ancesty package to compete more directly with other DNA testing companies, and by the end of 2019 it has more than 2.5 million users of DNA kits.

Review of MyHeritage Offerings

MyHeritage offers three basic services on its platform. The first is access to free software, which allows you to build your family tree. The second is a lineage-only DNA test kit, which compares your DNA to other users and can give you access to genealogical information. The company has also recently presented its Health+Ancestry DNA test kit, which provides the same ancestry information and health-related information. Details of each service are given below.

MyHeritage DNA Kit

This DNA test kit tests a large part of your autosomal DNA for matches with other sequences in your database. The company, like other large companies, DNA testing, uses the analysis SNP-based chips of their DNA. After getting his DNA tested, the company provides a report on his ancestral history.

This package is usually $ 79, but is currently being sold for only $ 59 on the company’s website. Sometimes we offer MyHeritage coupons in this review, be sure to look for it at the bottom. For this price, you get a basic family tree account, an ethnic estimate, notifications of DNA matches, and the ability to view your genes in your chromosome browser. This purchase will once give you access to your basic family tree services, but its advanced features are found in your subscription packages.

Health Kit+MyHeritageDNA Ancestor

If you want to discover more of your DNA, you may want to consider the Health+Ancestry package. In addition to all the great ancestry information described above, you will also receive 27 reports of genetic risk and carrier status. The reports cover polygenic conditions, such as heart disease and breast cancer, as well as a number of monogenic conditions such as cystic fibrosis and reports of Tay Sachs disease carriers. The Health+Ancestry test covers many of the same conditions covered by 23andMe and other companies, although it does not include features such as bitter taste preference, freckles and other non-health features covered by 23andMe.

The health test + ancestor of MyHeritage is $ 199 (but often discounted) exactly the same as 23andMe. However, the company is still building the number of reports it offers. While writing these lines, MyHeritage covers the same essential reports of health risks such as breast cancer and heart disease, but does not offer as many reports of features and general reports of well-being. In addition, 23andMe offers over 40 operator status reports, while MyHeritage only offers around 18. More reports are likely to be added in the near future as MyHeritage expands its health offerings.

Subscription Plans for Family Trees

MyHeritage offers four different subscription plans, each with a different set of features. The basic plan is free of charge and provides support for a family tree of up to 250 people. If you have paid for a DNA test, you can also access these results via the platform without a subscription. However, with your large number of family tree data and 100 million users, you may want to access these additional data.

Subscription Plans for Family Trees

The first subscription plan, the Premium Plan, offers advanced DNA functions, Smart Matches and an extended family tree. This plan costs $ 129 per year, but extends its family tree to 2,500 people. The Premium Plus package is a slight update to this, and allows you to access instant discoveries (which you can find and add whole branches to your tree) and Tree Consistency Checker (which will look for errors in your family tree. It also allows unlimited family size.

The data package does not allow the use of Premium features, but it does give you access to the company’s 9 billion historical records. This package leaves your family tree to 250 people, but allows you to attach historical records to the tree. This package is $ 189 a year. Your final package, the full package, covers all of the above, allows unlimited members in your tree and costs $ 299 per year.

What Separates MyHeritage from Other Companies in that Sense?

MyHeritage offers DNA analysis cheaper, in comparison with the majority of the companies of DNA testing. While the company used to be strictly a service of ancestry, it has also expanded to the DNA health sector. However, with their large database and large numbers of users, they are likely to have one of the most accurate and comprehensive descent testing services available. But you will have to pay a high price to access this wealth of information and genealogy tools. The basic DNA test will give you just an idea of what the company has to offer, and it has a price accordingly.

How Does it Work, What Will Your Kit Include?

Your kit will include a cheek rub kit, slightly different from companies that have to spit in a vial. Simply wipe the swab inside the cheek. It just needs to press slightly, as many cells will join the swab. Place the swab in the container, and send the package to the company. In just 3-4 weeks, you’ll get your results. They will be available in your free account, which is accessed through the company’s website.

Understand the Results of MyHeritage DNA Tests

Your results will be available in the “DNA” tab, once you log into your MyHeritage account. There will be an overview, summarizing the results. Two other tabs, ethnic estimation and DNA matches provide information about who shares genes with. The ethnic estimate provides information about the groups it is related to, while the DNA matches page finds other users it is actually related to.

The estimation of ethnicity page will have information about the ethnicities with which your DNA is most closely identified. The page will have a map showing the geographical region of these ethnic groups. There will also be a graph, describing each ethnicity and what percentage of its genetics are a match. The website will also provide a short video detailing these results in an animated format. DNA matches can be contacted and added to your family tree.

If you purchase a Health+Ancestry test, you will receive the same ancestry information as well as a report detailing many aspects of your genetic health risks. Carrier status reports are always the most accurate, as they describe the monogenic risks that directly affect the disease. If you are a carrier of a specific disease, it means you have 1 of the 2 genetic variants necessary to cause the disease. Other genetic risk factors are simply correlations found in large data sets, and may or may not be related to the cause of the actual disease. However, this is true for all genetic testing companies, not just for MyHeritage.

Will Your Data be Shared?

The MyHeritage Privacy Policy details that by sending a sample you are giving them license to use the sample the way they choose. Although they extract this data to obtain useful information in the creation of genealogical trees, the policy states that they will never sell or license their DNA data to anyone else. Your DNA data is stored on your secure servers, and you can request that they be removed once the DNA test is completed. You can download and store your data, but they are no longer protected by the company. Learn why it is important in our article “is your DNA privacy safe?Our services

Media Coverage and User Opinions

MyHeritage has a number of comments from major media companies. It has quite high reviews and usually gets good coverage. An important exception to this was the company’s recent data hacking, as reported by MarketWatch. This trick affected almost every 100 million of its customers, although there is little evidence that sensitive data was lost. Below are other prominent stories covering MyHeritage, from mainstream media:

  • USA Today – The DNA evidence used to reunite families of migrant-provoking concerns that will be used for much more
  • Businessesswire-MyHeritage offers free DNA testing to help reunite separated migrant children with their parents
  • ScienceNews – what I really learned about my family after testing 5 DNA ancestry tests
  • Fox Business-a list of the biggest data leaks
  • San Francisco Chronicle-efforts to use DNA tests to gather migrant families stop
  • USA Today – These are the main companies offering genealogical DNA tests to learn about your family

User Acceptance:

The company offers a series of stories with happy endings on its website. These stories focus on families who have gathered using genealogical tree software as well as DNA testing kits. The site lists a number of stories from around the world.

More than 1000 reviews on Amazon qualify their DNA kit in 4 out of 5 stars, as of December 11, 2018. 53% of users qualify the service in 5 Stars, while only 13% qualify the service in 4 stars. A great 19% qualifies the service in only 1 star. Trustpilot users rate the service at 3.5 stars with more than 5,600 comments. The proportions of satisfied and dissatisfied customers are similar.

Users who are happy with MyHeritage mentioned the following points:

  1. MyHeritage has a huge database of users and database of pedigrees.
  2. This company is one of the cheapest DNA testing companies, now on sale for $ 59.
  3. It is also one of the fastest companies, with some users getting results in just over 2 weeks.
  4. Several users have claimed that their DNA results are more accurate than other companies.
  5. It offers the possibility of finding new relatives with DNA matches.
  6. The platform decomposes the individual ethnicities with which their DNA is related.

Users who give MyHeritage a 1 star review mentioned the following worthy points:

  1. Although the test is cheap, it gives you very few results compared to some companies.
  2. Many users complain about subscription plans and how DNA testing encourages them to buy it.
  3. Without an expensive subscription package, many of the features of the platform cannot be accessed.
  4. Some users found that after purchasing the kit, they could not access its results.
  5. Some complaints mention that in order to access customer service, you must subscribe to a premium plan. rated MyHeritage in 4 of 5 stars with over 2,500 reviews. More than 60% of the reviews were of the highest rating, and 16% gave it 4 stars. Only 15% of users found it to be Bad, in 1 star. Many of the criticisms and praise here were the same as on Amazon.

Key Conclusions for This Review of MyHeritage

If you’re trying to build a family tree and understand your family history, MyHeritage is a great choice. Not only are your DNA results some of the most rigorous in the industry, but your business was based on building genealogical tree information. Have the largest databases of information of genealogical trees that are not DNA, and more than 100 million users around the world, similar to However, this advanced information is only available for a fairly high price.


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