LivingDNA is a company founded in part to help the world with genetic testing. Founded in the United Kingdom, the company has established initiatives to educate students about genetic ancestry and create a family tree worldwide.

The company’S DNA test kit claims to be one of the most specific in the game. Unlike many other companies, LivingDNA has a strong privacy guarantee and will only use your data in the investigation, and only with your consent. Founded in 2002, the company is growing into a major competitor in the ancestry test market.

LivingDNA – Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Industry veteran
  • Customers are general content
  • Very complete results
  • Very large database
  • More diverse options


  • Limited user Base, mostly UK-specific
  • Smaller company
  • There is no information about health or medical genetic factors

Our Rating: 88.3%
✓ Top 3 largest database
✓ Top 3 Kit most diverse
✓ Top 3 oldest in the business

Essential Data LivingDNA Review

Can be used forGenealogy search, Deep Ancestry reports
DNA collectionCheek Swab
Number of SNPs tested4,700 mtDNA
22,500 Y-DNA638,000 Autosomal
DNA sample storedYes, unless you revoke consent
Platform matching for familyNo
Geographical analysis of ancestryYes, with detailed reports on maternal and paternal haplotypes and possible migrations.
Special FeaturesIt allows users to analyze their data on a platform that also provides a detailed history of the events of the time. The company also produces an individualized coffee table book for users, which explains the reports and scientific content.
Number of usersUnknown
OwnershipDNA Worldwide Group
AddressFrome, Somerset, England
Website Address
Client ReviewsFew client reviews available

Company Background for LivingDNA

LivingDNA is the creation of David Nicholson and Hannah Morden, who carry the DNA of the World Group. Established in 2002, the company is based in Frome, England. Although the company started small and mostly served customers in the UK, its business grew rapidly. The company has the mission of” dissolving the concept of race ” through an understanding of human ancestry.

Company Background for LivingDNA

Currently grows in the oven 40% per year, the company is bringing in millions of dollars. The company now employs more than 35 people, along with a hundred international collaborators. These are typically scientists who help research and grow the platform.

In 2017, the company began its mission to eliminate racism, starting the project a World Family. The project aims to create a single World genealogical tree based on the DNA of its users. Eventually, the company states that users will be able to accurately identify their family history in specific geographical locations. Another recent project included teaching schoolchildren about human genetics and descent.

The company is proud not to sell aggregated genetic information, and only uses it for research projects like the previous one. Users must first give their consent to be part of these studies before incorporating their data.

Review of LivingDNA Offers

3-1 Ancestry Test

LivingDNA offers a main service, its 3-1 Ancestry Test. This service includes a DNA test kit and lifetime access to your platform. On their platform, users can explore their genetic ancestry. The results included are based on autosomal, ydna AND Mtdna. This means that LivingDNA can track both where its individual genes come from and what maternal and paternal haplotypes you belong to.

The test is called 3-1 because they claim that it offers 3 solutions in a test. They claim that he can tell you where his family is from, let you know more about yourself, and discover more details about your ancestry. These claims appear to be very similar, but their platform offers some interesting features.

For example, the platform will analyze their autosomal DNA for parties to various ethnic groups. The company has a large majority of UK customers, and as such its specificity for this region is very high. The company currently offers coincidence to around 80 regions of the world, and its accuracy is increasing as more genetic data is investigated. Maternal and paternal haplotypes are analysed, and reports detailing these groups and their possible origins can be found. LivingDNA offers a unique feature, as it can provide a historical context for the time period and place where your ancestors lived. For many users, this is a fun and informative tool.

The 3-1 descent test is $ 99, currently offered for sale for $ 79. For this price, you will get your analyzed genes and get lifetime access to the platform, its results and any updates. This is a significant value, considering that LivingDNA is constantly investigating the relationship.

Ancestry Book

For an additional $ 69, users can receive a personalized book that guides them through their genetic testing results. The book details many of the same aspects as the platform, showing what percentage of various ethnicities contributed to their DNA, and where these groups originated. The book also details that the haplotypes, and the migrations of their ancestors have been in.

In addition, the book analyzes the science behind the ancestry tests and what the results can tell you. It is tied in a hard lid and can be stored personally or shared with friends and family. The book can be selected as an additional option by purchasing a kit on the company’s website.

What Separates LivingDNA From Other Companies in That Regard?

LivingDNA was founded in the UK, and has its largest customer base there. Although this will change over time, it is likely to be the most specific test for ancestors from the British Isles. While some reviews have inclined the company to overestimate or underestimate its results, they will change over time as more users are added to the database.

The company’s haplotype tests contain a high number of sites, which means that as its database grows, its results are likely to be the most accurate. The company platform offers an interactive and unique way to view these results, even in pedigree or geographical form.

The ancestral Book is certainly a unique offer, and no other company seems to offer any commemorative material with its DNA tests. Although several companies offer a family tree service, LivingDNA does not. Instead, they offer a variety of resources and historical context to help you find evidence to complete a family tree.

How Does it Work, What Will Your Kit Include?

The test kit you get in the Mail will have a small swab on your cheek. Clean the swab along the inside of the cheek and store it in the provided container. Put it on the prepaid envelope and send it to the lab. This company takes about 10-12 weeks to process the sample, slightly longer than others. At that time, you can log into your account and review your results.

Understanding Results

On the LivingDNA platform, you will be able to review a number of aspects of your ancestry. The company provides at stake ethnicity as well as haplotype information. These different results can tell you a number of things.

Understanding Results

When they analyze their autosomal DNA, they’re looking for where those genes come from. By comparing sequences in their DNA with families that have lived in the same area for generations, the company can tell where their genes originated. This report will show the number of each ethnicity that contributed to their genetics. The company oversees over 80 regions, but some are more specific than others.

By analyzing their DNA-Y and ADNmt, the company can determine their maternal and paternal haplotypes. DNA-and is transmitted only through the male line of your family and therefore likely not to be evaluated for women. ADNmt is found in mitochondria and is transmitted from its mother. By analyzing coincidences in these DNA segments, a fairly accurate estimate can be created of their deep ancestry. These reports can detail the groups with which it is related and how they travelled around the world over time.

The Ancestry Book contains all these results and scientific explanations of how the process works.

Will your Data be Shared?

Unlike many companies, LivingDNA will not share its data with for-profit companies. Many companies protect their personal information, but sell genetic data together. LivingDNA makes a point of not adhering to this practice. In fact, one of the main things found in LivingDNA’s research is its commitment to keep the data private. In fact, LivingDNA only works with academic institutions when she investigates their DNA. In addition, it should opt for research studies.

This information can be found in your privacy center. Like other companies, they allow you to reserve the right to withdraw your consent at any time. The company will destroy your sample, and your information will be erased.

Media Coverage and User Opinions

Like other DNA testing companies, there are a number of online editorial reviews on LivingDNA, as well as a wide variety of media coverage. This company highlights its opinion on data privacy. Where other companies shy of the issue of privacy, many publications have published the commitment of LivingDNA with the privacy concerns, and their lack of willingness to work with the pharmaceutical companies. Many articles also point out that, while LivingDNA may be one of the smallest genetic testing companies, they claim to offer the highest detail descent service available.

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  • Popular Science: this is what type of data genetics testing companies can share
  • ScienceNews-DNA testing can unite families, but gives mixed responses about ethnicity
  • SomersetLive-Frome ancestry based company wants DNA testing school-age children to help combat racism

User acceptance:

A search for LivingDNA reviews on Google offers mixed results. On Amazon, the company has only 9 comments (from this writing), and either they love or hate it. In Trustpilot, there are only 8 comments and are supported by the service. However, several bloggers have tried the product and most found it informative. In general, users seem to be impressed with the detail and historical information LivingDNA can give them. Others are disappointed with the results, noting that the database of the company contributes greatly to the Uk customers.

Users who are happy with LivingDNA mentioned the following points:

  1. The reports are detailed and informative
  2. The platform is easy to use and has several excellent features
  3. His maternal and paternal haplotype can be traced geographically
  4. The platform has detailed information on the ancestry of the United Kingdom
  5. In general, good value for money
  6. Your data is very secure, and the company will not use your data in the investigation without consent.

Users who give Ancesty a 1 star review mentioned the following worthy points:

  1. If you do not have ancestors from the UK, do not expect specific results
  2. The platform does not offer a function to find family members
  3. The results are complicated and not easy to understand
  4. The company is in growing pains, which can mean poor customer service
  5. LivingDNA takes 10-12 weeks to process, longer than some companies
  6. Although their data are not sold, the company reserves the right to investigate them themselves.


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