International Biosciences is a United Kingdom-based DNA testing company. The company opened its doors in 2005, providing some of the first home paternity tests to Europe. Since then, the company has expanded to other areas, including genetic health tests, clinical trials, genetic lifestyle analyses, and even dog DNA analysis. The company has more than 30 different genetic tests, needed for a wide variety of situations. These international Biosciences offers are reviewed below!

Brief summary of international Biosciences

Here is an overview of our review of international Biosciences, and the full review below.


  • Offers a series of unique genetic tests
  • You can test your dog’S DNA for various aspects.
  • Health and lifestyle tests
  • Prenatal genetic testing and testing
  • Tests of ancestors with 500 possible regions identified
  • Chain of evidence capable of evidence ordered by the court


  • Website difficult to navigate and find services
  • Expensive tests, in most categories
  • PDF results, no updates on future genetic findings

Conclusion: International Biosciences was one of the first companies in Europe to offer genetic testing services. Although it seems that most of their business comes from paternity tests, they have begun to offer a number of other services, from health to animal DNA testing. Their website is nauseating, but they have a service for almost everyone and can be shipped internationally. Due to the static nature of your reports and the fact that you delete your data once the contract is over, you cannot receive updates of new genetic findings in your health or lifestyle tests. Tests are also expensive in general, and may not be the best choice for many people.

Overview of International Biosciences and basic data

Can be used forPaternity/Relationship Testing
Prenatal Tests
Infidelity Testing
Dog DNA TestsAncestry, Maternal, and Paternal Haplotype Analysis
DNA collectionDepends on tests, buccal swab to a blood draw
Number of SNPs testedVaries depending on test/procedure ordered
DNA sample storedNo, destroyed upon test completionBut, have DNA Banking option for $150 for 15 years
PriceRanging, from $60 – $500
Platform matching for familyNo
Geographical analysis of ancestryYes
Special FeaturesWide variety of tests, from skin care to dog allergies. Instead of creating one product which works for most consumers, this company seeks to fill the needs of those who need specialized tests for a number of applications.
Number of usersUnknown, for ancestry purposes pulls from database of 10,000 people from 500 regions.
OwnershipPrivately owned in the United Kingdom
AddressGenesis Center B3655 Research DriveLas CrucesNM 88003USA (US Lab)
Website Address
Client Reviews30+ Reviews on Trustpilot rate at 4 of 5 stars

Company Background for International Biosciences

International Biosciences was founded in 2005 as one of the first companies to market and sell genetic testing services. In 2009, the company offered the first over-the-counter paternity test kits. This first in the UK was greeted with some indignation and skepticism. However, the company has significantly expanded its product offerings over the past 10 years, and now offers a wide variety of genetic testing services.

Bid Review Bioscience International

International Biosciences offers more than 30 different DNA testing options. However, from paternity tests to genetic health tests and dog DNA tests, the company seems to have something for everyone. Below is a complete overview of your offers, which are not clear on your home page. If you want to see your full offers, check out your DNA testing page. For a faster summary of each test and its price, read on.

Bid Review Bioscience International


In addition to direct paternity tests, the company offers a wide variety of tests to determine the status of the relationship between two or more samples. These tests are listed below, for brevity.

  • Sibling DNA test-prove a sibling relationship – $255
  • Twin zygosity DNA test: test for identical or fraternal twins: $ 155
    • DNA testing of grandparents: grandparents shows that grandparents are involved with a child: $ 320
  • Avuncular DNA test-prove that aunts or uncles are related to a child – $ 255
  • Y-chromosome test – see if two men share the same parental line – $255
  • Genetic reconstruction test-multiple family members test for paternity, if the father is missing or dead – $ 385
  • Maternity DNA test: see if two people have the same maternal DNA: $ 130
  • Mitochondrial DNA test-see if two people share the same maternal haplotype – $ 385

Prenatal Tests

International Biosciences also offers a series of prenatal DNA tests, which can give you information about your unborn child’s genetics. These tests are performed in a non-invasive manner, as scientists can recreate the fetal genome from fragments in the blood. The results provided are not diagnostic, but may provide users with some idea of their children’s genetics.

Three basic tests are provided. The Advanced Baby Gender DNA Test is for parents who cannot wait for a confirmatory ultrasound to find out about their baby’s sex. This test is available once a pregnancy is within or beyond 6 weeks, and costs $ 280. The Prenatal paternity test can provide answers about who your baby’s father is, test your sample, your baby through your blood, and both possible parents. It costs about $ 1,200 for all this DNA to be analyzed.

Finally, prenatal screening for chromosomal abnormalities costs about $ 490. The results of this Test provide information about your baby, including sex and any chromosome that has been duplicated or removed. This panel will analyze a number of known conditions and inform if your baby expresses these genetic patterns. These include genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, and others that have a clear genetic basis.

The company emphasizes that none of these tests is a diagnosis, and that a doctor should review their results with you. Some of the results may have serious implications for you and your baby.

Ancestry Testing

In addition to the company’s many family relationship tests, they also provide various services to help you better understand your family’s roots. The company offers 4 different descent-related tests, with different areas of specificity

The GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test compares your DNA with a database of 10,000 individuals in more than 500 regions. This evidence allegedly captures their ancestry in the last 5-10 generations and can give you detailed information about how they migrated and what populations they belonged to. The PDF report also details historically significant events, providing context for the populations to which their ancestors belonged. This test is $230.

The second offer of ancestry is the ancestral DNA Origin test, for $ 190. The company probably couldn’t have found a more confusing name, because this test gives it a printable map with areas where its deepest ancestors probably originated. This map and the report break down where his family is likely to come from. For an additional $ 40, the company will add percentage breakdowns of several regions for you. And, for a 15-minute consultation on your results, you can pay another $ 95.

The company also offers analysis of maternal and paternal haplotypes, which will provide an even deeper look at its history, back to the time when humans first emerged from Africa. These tests cost $ 180 for the fatherline test and $205 for the motherline test. Your PDF reports will contain maps and historical data related to the migration of your ancestors.

Health and Wellness Tests

International Biosciences currently offers two Tests for health-related genetic analysis. The first is the SkinCareDNA test, which can give you information on how your genetics can affect your skin’s health and appearance. The PDF report will also come with recommendations (sometimes personalized) on how to care for your skin. This test is $180.

The DNA diet and healthy weight test costs $ 150 and covers topics such as nutrition, genetic weight, and how your body can process certain vitamins and minerals. The 70-page report offers healthy recommendations for staying fit, adapted to your genetic profile.

Clinical Trials

All clinical trials come with a warning that a doctor will interpret your results. These tests are intended to help your doctor diagnose a condition you may have. Genetic predisposition tests are designed to determine which genetic variants lead that may increase your risk of certain conditions, such as diabetes. These tests cost about $ 255.

The $ 150 lactose intolerance DNA test will tell you whether your genes for processing sugar lactose are working or not. Otherwise, lactose can cause significant indigestion. This test may help a doctor or dietitian diagnose lactose intolerance. The company is also developing a Cancer Panel, which will help determine your genetic risk for certain types of cancer.

DNA Testing Animal

A particularly unique set of international Biosciences offers are its animal DNA tests. These tests are primarily intended for dogs, although there is a test for feline polycystic kidney disease (a genetic condition carried by some cats) for $ 65. The test of DNA My Dog Canine Genetic Age Test and the DNA test of the race at a cost of around $ 75. These tests can tell you which breeds contributed to your dog’s genetics and how your dog’s genes affect your estimated age.

The DNA Dog Parentage Test is like a paternity test for dogs and can determine maternal and paternal lines. This test costs $ 165, but could possibly be used to test a pedigree or establish which neighbor needs to fix his fence. The dog inherited disease and test trait is only $ 60 and has information about the health traits and characteristics of your dog that are determined at least partially genetically. The Wisdom Panel 2.0 dog breed identification test is a combination of breed testing and disease analysis. The report will give you information about your dog’s health, as well as your disposition based on your breed analysis. This analysis and report is $ 90.

Other Tests and Services

Just when you thought they couldn’t have anything to offer, International Biosciences surprises again. The company also offers a series of tests supposedly to identify whether your spouse or loved one is cheating on you. Your infidelity DNA test, for just $ 475, will test a” sample ” like a pair of dirty underwear or a cigarette butt to detect the presence of DNA and combine it with another sample. While the potential applications of this suitable for a bad romantic novel, there may be some practical use.

For those who simply want to know if there is semen in a sample, the company will test the presence of semen for $ 115. Perhaps this alone is enough to prove infidelity, although these results will probably never be held in court. If a crime has been committed, evidence must be recorded through the authorities to be valid.

Other Tests and Services

The company also offers Home DNA Banking, a cheap $ 30 method to store a sample of your DNA for up to 15 years. They can also provide you with a $ 130 personal ID profile, covering the CODIS markers used internationally to identify people. And last but certainly not least, it is a test that will show if your dog is allergic to a number of substances, based on proteins in the mouth. This dog allergy test is $ 130.

What separates International Biosciences from other companies in this regard?

Many testing companies offer a unique approach to all your offers. You will not find this in International Biosciences. This company has a wide range of offers, unheard of in most DNA testing companies. This is even reflected on your website, which can sometimes be difficult to navigate because of the company’s wide variety of tests. Here, you can find paternity tests, prenatal tests, Ancestry, Health and even tests for your dog.

How does it work, what will your kit include?

Depending on the test you order, the kit you receive may be slightly different. Most kits contain a buccal swab, which simply slides along the inside of the cheek. Other kits contain blood removal equipment, such as non-invasive prenatal tests. These kits must be handled and filled by a professional, who must also sign the paperwork provided.

Once you send your kit back, the results can take a few days to several weeks. Each test has a different time period, based on how detailed and complex the analysis is. When the lab has finished your test, they will email you the results and destroy your sample. The results are in the form of a personalized PDF, with information about any test you have ordered. Read on to get a more detailed view of the results of each type of test.

Understanding Results

The company does not have an online platform to view the results, and instead provides them in the form of PDF documents. These files can have many pages, up to 70 or more in some cases. Below are examples of each type of results file and what they contain.

Paternity/Relationship Tests

These results are provided through confidential PDF directly to your email. The report shall detail the samples analysed and the sequence detected in 21 markers. Depending on how many of these markers match between the two samples, the report can determine whether the samples are related or not.

Prenatal Tests

Prenatal test results may tell you the baby’s sex, as well as whether the baby has any chromosomal abnormalities. These chromosomal replications or deletions may be the basis for genetic disorders, and the report you receive will detail whether any of these abnormalities have been detected. These results should be discussed absolutely with your doctor, as they can have serious health implications for you and your baby.


The ancestry report will give you several details about your family history, in different timelines. The GPS Origins Ancestry DNA Test is targeted to their migration family recent history. The ancestral Origins test will report on its deep history, as seen in this example provided by the company. Reports of maternal and paternal haplotypes shall contain similar information, based solely on ADNmt or DNA-Y.

Health and Well-being

The health and wellness analysis of International Biosciences will come to you in the form of a multi-page report. The SkinCareDNA test report details many aspects of your skin that may be genetically determined and which products you can use to combat these potentially negative effects. The report is about 10 pages, with several factors considered.

The healthy weight DNA analysis report is even longer, in about 50 pages. Here you will find information on how your genes can predispose you to some weight gain or vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. The report also provides tips on where to find the nutrients you need or how to optimize your exercise.

Clinical Trials

These reports are intended to be reviewed with your doctor, as they contain complex medical information that may affect your diagnosis or treatment options. The genetic predisposition report contains a variety of information on how your genetics can affect your health or predispose you to certain conditions such as diabetes or certain cancers.

Animal Testing

The animal test results will come in the same well-formatted PDF files as your results, but they will detail different things according to the test you requested. The results of the Panel of wisdom give a good idea of what you will receive. The results can show a wide variety of information, from genetic variants your dog carries that can help cause a disease to a small ancestry tree about how your dog was created from different interacting breeds.

Other Test Results

All other test results will come in a similar way and detail various aspects of your genetics. Or, in the case of the dog allergy Panel, what your dog is allergic to. Although International Biosciences offers a huge range of genetic analysis, it is important to discuss most of its findings with a professional. Some partnerships and increased risks are not well established or supported, while others are. A professional can help you take appropriate action on your results, whatever they may be.

Will your data be shared?

According to the terms and Conditions of the company, your DNA sample and the resulting data will be destroyed upon completion of the contracted service. Unless in the case of evidence ordered by the court, the company does not sell or provide this data to any other party. The company does not mention the aggregated data, which are depersonalized.

Media coverage and user opinions

International Biosciences has surprisingly little coverage since its creation in 2005. In 2008 and 2009, the company began offering over-the-counter tests, which triggered an outburst of media attention. Stories were reported that hundreds of unfaithful women sought abortions after the results of their paternity tests and other inflammatory headlines. Several other articles mention international Biosciences in lists of companies offering various unproven services, such as skin care tests. Although there have been several good stories, much of the media attention that International Biosciences received was about ethics and the availability of DNA testing, and its implications for Human Rights.

  • ABC News – first the issue, then the paternity test, then the abortion?
  • Telegraph-DNA heritage tests ‘useless’
  • Daily Mail – £ 200-a-time ancestral DNA test kits are a scam, experts say
  • Vogue – Who are you? The DNA dilemma
  • Ferret – over-the-counter genetic testing raises human rights concerns
  • Daily Mail-couple gathered 23 years later … after that she crawled for the paternity test on the son she never knew

User acceptance:

Trustpilot seems to be the only internet location with international Biosciences customer reviews, and there aren’t many. This could be good or bad. The company has allegedly served millions of customers, but there are only more than 30 reviews. These reviews give 4 out of 5 Stars, which suggests the company is doing something right. Of the reviews, more than 75% rated the company with 5 Stars, while a large 15% rated the company with only 1 star. International Biosciences apparently regularly checks Trustpilot and had responded to a number of complaints, some of which were resolved.

Users who are happy with International Biosciences mentioned the following points:

  1. Great customer service, which some even critics confirmed
  2. The results were detailed and informative
  3. Many customers satisfied with the services of Dog DNA
  4. Quick answers on kit arrival, processing and customer service problems
  5. Precision in a series of tests, from Twin DNA tests to dog pedigrees
  6. The non-invasive prenatal test was informative.

Users who give International Biosciences a 1 star review mentioned the following worthy points:

  1. A small number of users complained that the company did not respond to their requests.
  2. Some people claimed the evidence was inaccurate, but International Biosciences always responded.
  3. Although the platform contains many breeds of dogs, some are not represented
  4. Some clients, although the reports were vague or too widespread
  5. It is not always clear what scientific evidence supports the claims in the report
  6. Many of these tests are not diagnostic and may exaggerate the role of genetics in health and disease.

Key conclusions for this review of international Biosciences

International Biosciences has a variety of products that often have a higher price than many of its competitors. Although they have ancient evidence, it offers no family match or online platform to explore. All company results come in a static PDF form, which will never be updated. This could be a real disadvantage for the first adopters, who want to benefit from a lifetime of genetic research and updates that some companies offer. In addition to these deficiencies, the company provides a number of niche testing services, such as infidelity and dog DNA testing. You may need to be careful with hidden rates, as the company has many additions and processing fees that you are responsible for.


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