24Genetics is a company that offers a variety of direct genetic testing to the consumer. With this company, you can test your genetics and get reports in a variety of different categories, from drug interactions to your athletic traits. These tests are supported by a varied set of scientific data, some of which the company shares on its website. The results of these tests may give you information about your health, but they cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. Here, we have reviewed the many offers and packages of 24Genetic. We collect a lot of data and analyze it to write the most complete review of 24Genetics.

Brief summary of 24Genetics.com

Here is an executive summary of the 24genetics review, and everything can be read If you keep moving.


  • You can test your entire genome
  • Offers a variety of different packages, at different prices
  • Lifetime updates on new scientific findings
  • All forms of genetic testing in one place
  • Detailed reports on health, lifestyle and disease features
  • Skin, Sports and pharmacogenetics packages available


  • Website has considerable technical problems, it is partly in Spanish, and many prices are in euro
  • No evidence of maternal or paternal haplotype
  • Limited ability to identify living relatives

Conclusion: 24Genetics aims to be a one-stop shop for everything genetic. The company is one of the few companies that offer genome-wide sequencing, as well as a variety of tests for things like skin care and sports medicine. 24Genetics.com it has recently expanded to the United States, Japan, Mexico and other countries and pretends to be a major competitor of companies like 23andMe. However, their tests are currently a little more expensive, although the company claims they are more exhaustive, especially in 24Genetics USA.

24Genetics General Description and Basic Data

Can be used forWhole Genome Sequencing
Exome SequencingDisease RiskNutrition and Lifestyle AnalysisSports and Skin Tests
DNA collectionBuccal Swab
Number of SNPs testedWhole genome, different numbers based on test
DNA sample storedStored for 2 months, then destroyed. Data stored on the server indefinitely
Price$199 – $2290 (we sometimes offer 24Genetics coupon code)
Platform matching for familyYes, through GEDmatch Genesis
Geographical analysis of ancestryYes
Special FeaturesIt offers a wide range of tests, including complete genome testing, a test with a sports medicine approach, as well as a skin care test. In addition, if you have already used 23andMe or FamilyTree DNA to process your DNA, 24Genetics can produce any of your reports from the data.
Number of usersUnknown
OwnershipPrivately Owned
AddressPaseo de la Castellana 95 Planta 15AMadrid – 28046 – Spain
Website Addresshttps://24genetics.com/en/
Client ReviewsLittle-to-no online reviews

Company Background for 24Genetics

The company was founded in 2016 in Madrid. The company is conducted in private, and its owners are unclear. On its website, the company provides details of 4 people who are part of the team. 3 of them are scientists with previous experience in genetics, while the fourth is a marketing specialist. You can find little information beyond this about 24Genetics, which is a little discouraging.

24Genetics Review Deals

This company offers a multitude of reports, with an equally wide range of prices. Some of their offers are aimed at beginners in genetics, while some products are aimed at people who try to answer deep and complicated health questions. Below are the various reports available for purchase through 24Genetics.

24Genetics Review Deals

Health Report

A flagship offer from 24Genetics is your detailed DNA health report. This test searches your DNA for genetic variants related to more than 200 diseases and unhealthy conditions. The report details several different areas of your health. First, it analyzes the genes that have been associated with the disease. Secondly, it analyzes your genome for known markers that indicate that you are a carrier of genetic variants that cause disease. Third, he analyzes his genetics for influences on biometrics, such as the amount of cholesterol he’s predisposed to have, his reaction to caffeine. Finally, the section contains a sample of the results of your pharmacogenetics, or how your body possibly reacts to medication based on your genes.

This report costs $ 199, although it can be found for sale and is included with different packages for much less. Sometimes we offer the 24genetics coupon code at the bottom of this review. Make sure you check this out.

Pharmacogenomic Report

The full Pharmacogenomic report details many medicines, used in the treatment of everything from heart disease to cancer, and their possible reaction or effectiveness according to their genetics. While this report means little to the average person, it can help your doctor prescribe the right medication if you have multiple treatment routes available.

This report also costs $ 199, but can also be packaged or purchased for sale at various times of the year.

Nutrigenetics Test

Nutrigenomics, or Nutrigenetics, is the study of how your metabolism and diet are affected by your genes. This report will supposedly detail the different ways your body processes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as how it can process and store vitamins and minerals. While the science behind this analysis is largely in its infancy, these tests claim to be a starting point for people seeking to optimize their diet.

The report details four areas of your nutrition, including diet, vitamins, and minerals, how certain foods are tested, as well as your predisposition to gain or lose weight. While this appears to be an enormous wealth of information, the company lists only 4 scientific articles as “evidence” of how these tests are prepared and analyzed.

DNA Sports Test

Like the Nutrigenetics test, the DNA Sports Test promises great discoveries in its quest to become the ultimate athlete. 24Genetics promises to tell you things like how skilled in endurance you can be, your muscle profile, your metabolic profile, blood pressure-related genes, and even your risk of certain injuries.

While all this sounds really impressive, the science behind these is still in development. For example, an article they cited as evidence from their reports clearly stated in the conclusion that only about 20% of athletics is genetically based, and that the use of genetic reports to identify athletics is a waste of time. Other studies were only conducted in mice, and many claims are not proven. However, for someone who tries to optimize their performance in any way possible, these reports can be useful. The report is about 30 pages long and analyses more than 20 features.

The DNA sports test also comes with a free descent test as a bonus and costs $ 199.

Genetic Testing of Skin Care

A second novel offer of 24Genetics is the genetic test of skin care. This test is in part an analysis of your metabolism of vitamins and minerals, which can affect your skin’s health. This test also analyzes how genes can react to the sun, as well as oxidative stress and glication. All these traits may be determined in part by their genetics. While this science is also underdeveloped, it can deliver promising results as the findings are further researched and understood.

This report aims to give you information about which facial creams to use, as well as what to supplement your diet to feed your skin properly. The report also details 30 or more skin-based traits that are influenced by their genes. Interestingly, this section of the website lacked a ” what is the basis of this test?” paragraph. This question is usually published in each of your products and details on which scientific evidence your results have been based.

Like the other tests, this one costs $ 199.

Ancestry Test

Claiming it is the most accurate ancestry test on the market, 24Genetics claims they have the ability to identify more than 500 regions from which their genetics might have come. The test matches segments of your DNA to reference populations of these places. Unlike most services of descent, 24Genetics does not track maternal or paternal haplotypes. While their ethnic decomposition can be determined by autosomal DNA, these ancestral relationships are determined by ADNmt and DNA-y, which 24Genetics does not measure.

All of Exome’s Sequencing

This Test starts a little lower than the rest, with only $ 149.

His exoma is the part of his DNA that actively encodes proteins. A sequencing of the entire exoma will “read” these parts of the DNA. This test is much more expensive, but the company guarantees to inform you about any significant findings related to any of these protein coding sequences. This comes in the form of the gene Patrol Service, which can feed you PDF updates to your original report as new scientific information is reported.

This much larger and more complete package starts at $ 1150. This package is not for beginners, and you should probably discuss it with a doctor or health care professional to understand its true value as a pre-selection tool.

Whole Genome Sequencing

One step further, beyond exoma sequencing, is the sequencing of the entire genome. This 24genetics analysis will sequence and store your entire genetic sequence. This sequencing package also includes all previous reports on Ancestry, Health, disease and other issues. Included with a genome-wide sequencing is a personal genetic report, which may be specialized in searching for or analyzing specific genes according to your preferences.

This whole genome kit is your most expensive offer, over $ 2290.

What Separates 24Genetics from other Companies in that Sense?

24Genetics offers represent some of the largest in the business. At one end is his ancestral analysis, which is simple and almost too simple. Your health, illness, sports medicine and skin care tests are quite unique offers. However, many companies choose not to offer some of these tests based on weak evidence linking genes to specific results. On the opposite side, they are one of the only companies offering sequencing of the exoma and the entire genome. These packages are expensive, but can produce many more results during your lifetime.

What Separates 24Genetics from other Companies in that Sense?

While his ancestry test claims to be one of the most complete and advanced in the industry, it clearly isn’t. Other companies test their maternal and paternal haplotypes. This information can give you information about how your family migrated out of Africa and the rest of the world. 24Genetics does not seem to analyze this data and is based solely on autosomes to obtain ancestral information. In addition to these deficiencies, they appear to have most of the reference populations of any company. Although it can be better explained in the actual results, the website does not seem to list the size of its reference populations. Small reference populations could significantly bias outcomes.

While their tests seem quite expensive at $ 149 for tests of incomplete ancestry, less than $ 3,000 for genome-wide sequencing is a good deal. However, this is much more information than most people will use or need.

How Does it Work, What will Your Kit Include?

The kit you receive by mail will contain several small packages. One contains a test tube and the other a buccal swab. When the mouth is rubbed for a full minute, the cells are removed from the cheeks and inner lips and placed in the cotton swab. Break the swab into the test tube, add the small pill containing storage agents, without touching it. Cover the tub and send the sample back to the lab. The company even provides a video for the slightly complex process.

After a month or so, the company will email you a PDF with its results. Unlike other platforms, PDF files are available to you offline after saving or printing them. The reports can be 30 to 200 pages, depending on the depth of the report you requested.

Understanding the results of 24Genetics

Health Report

The results of the health report will be a large document detailing your personal results and any variant of potentially dangerous or risky genes you carry. The company states that these are the most complete of any company, covering more than 200 possible conditions. Some of these are traits of a single gene tested, while others are complex genes with only one correlation to back up the theory.

While some of these things can be very informative (i.e., the state of genetic disease carrier), other variants only slightly increase the risk of certain diseases. The most important thing to remember when seeing these results is that you are a combination of your genetics and your environment, so you should always consult a doctor before taking action on any of the ideas in the report.

A new and exciting field of study is pharmacogenomics, or the study of how drugs are influenced by their genetic makeup. Some drug manufacturers are starting to do DNA testing when testing their drugs, as well as researchers trying to understand how to individualize medicine for their patients.

Pharmacogenomic Report

Some drugs interact poorly with several genotypes, and 24Genetics maintains an updated list of these medications. While the list should only be used as a recommendation for your doctor when prescribing medications, it may provide useful information if you need certain heart, cancer, neurological, or pain-relieving medications.

Nutrigenetics Test

Nutrigenomics is another expanding field of research, which seeks to help customize diets for people. This report will give you information about known genetic links to nutrition, such as the ability to test or digest certain foods, as well as their ability to synthesize certain vitamins. The report also provides information on genes that can influence their total weight, including in the health report. This analysis is intended to provide a genetic guide to understanding diet and nutrition, specific to you.

DNA Sports Test

Many athletic traits, such as muscle composition and oxygen capacity, are determined somewhere by genetics. These links are detailed in the Sports report, which also contains information on how their genetics can influence things like resistance and explosion. Like all reports, these should be taken with a grain of salt because a correlation is not the same as causality.

Athletics in general and even specific features such as oxygen capacity can be increased and improved with exercise and practice, and many researchers in the field have observed that such traits are primarily based on experience rather than genetics. This report could be useful for someone like a professional athlete who seeks information to maximize their performance.

Genetic Testing of Skin Care

One of the most interesting products of 24Genetics is the genetic testing of skin care. Marketed to the beauty and anti-aging industry, this product aims to give users knowledge about how they might age. Certain features such as your body’s ability to handle the sun’s Rays are partially determined by the biochemical reactions created by your genetics. While evidence of this type of correlations is in the preliminary stages, the company says the report will tell you which types of facial cream to use and which vitamins to supplement in your diet to get the best skin.

Ancestry Test

The descent test 24Genetics claims to have the “most detailed” genetic test on the market, but the results of their samples seem to contradict this claim. The report has several fairly detailed pages on specific regions from which it came, but the report lacks several features that fully online platforms provide on a regular basis. These are things like an explanatory chromosomal map and details about her maternal or paternal haplotypes. This report is simply a list of pages with maps and a percentage of the breakdown of each population you matched.

All-Exoma and the Entire Genome Sequencing

These complex packages include all previous reports, as well as lifetime updates of new findings that the company decides to report on. The company also offers the option for users to send RAW data obtained from sites such as 23andMe and FamilyTree DNA for analysis in any of their tests.

Will your Data be Shared?

The language on the company’s website is quite clear as to what happens to your DNA data. While your personal data are protected (such as your name and phone number), the form of legal consent of the company seems to say that you waive any right to information about your genetic information, and any product or service that they or their partners to develop from it.

In simple terms, they are probably selling their aggregate and non-personal genetic data for use in research, pharmaceutical development and other companies. This is typical of many large DNA testing companies, though not all of them.

Media Coverage and User Opinions

Based in Madrid, the company is mainly covered in Spanish. Below are several stories that Google can translate into English. Among them are articles covering 24Genetic’s advanced Illumina chip systems, as well as his acquisition of IBM executives to assist in their expansion. Other articles covered its recent expansions in Japan, Mexico and the United States. These offices are expected to increase sales in these areas and further develop the company’s image

Other articles, also in Spanish, discussed other aspects of 24Genetic’s offers. One story covered her health offerings, which are the same results Angelina Jolie allegedly used to decide on a preventive double mastectomy. The company has also been involved in work related to the genetic ancestry of the Spanish, which was widely publicized in Spain.

  • PlantaDoce – 24Genetics lands on the Japanese market after opening offices in the United States and Mexico
  • PlantaDoce – 24Genetics gets talent from IBM and ends his jump to Asia
  • 20 minutes – 71% of Spaniards have Valencian blood in their genes, according to 24Genetics
  • Look – The DNA test that saved Angelina Jolie at our fingertips

User acceptance:

There are very few comments from users found online for 24Genetics. The company is based in Spain, and most of its current marketing channels are mainly in Spanish. The company has only two reviews on Amazon. One is extremely positive, while the other was disappointed with the results they received. Several professional bloggers and media have reviewed the company’s various test kits. Along with the opinions limited to customers, users had the following to say about 24Genetics:

Users who are happy with 24Genetics mentioned the following points:

  1. Some of the tests offered can be found nowhere else
  2. The company also offers genome-wide testing, a rare feature
  3. Lifetime updates will keep you updated on your health
  4. The tests offered are at the forefront of genetic science
  5. 24Genetics tests a large number of SNPs or can sequence your entire genome
  6. The results contain many detailed pages of information

Users who give 24Genetics a 1 star review mentioned the following worthy points:

  1. While the ancestor claims to be the best, it does not offer great family gaming capabilities
  2. Reports don’t have your name, so it’s easy to get yours mixed up with someone else’s results.
  3. 24Genetics emails results in a PDF, and has no platform online
  4. While the report details the regions of descent, gives no other historical information
  5. Badly built website
  6. Much evidence is backed up by unstable science.

Key Findings for this 24genetics Review

24Genetics offers a variety of unique DNA testing options that are not available everywhere. While their tests are on average more expensive than other testing companies, the company appears to perform exhaustive testing on many of its packages, according to the data we collect for this 24genetics review. At this time, for example, all individual reports are available together for about $ 300. This is a good business and I could give you a lot of ideas about your genetic traits. The number of tests is impressive, but you should remember that some of these analyses are based solely on Loose correlations, which are found in relatively small studies. Others are more robust and can be very informative. It is best to discuss the results of these tests with an informed professional to get maximum use of them. In addition to this, the company is a little behind the times with its slightly dysfunctional website, payment platform and delivery of results in PDF format.


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