With the change of seasons, almost every industry has grown. From handmade incense cones to machine made, today we have a countless variety of incense cones for crystal rituals to relaxation and peace. However, our focus is going to be on the very new trend in the incense market- advantages of Backflow Incense Burners.

These are beautiful creations for regulating the smoke of incense to fill the burner and create unique appearances based on the smoke movement. It’s dazzling!

Let’s see if backflow incense is worth your time.

5 Amazing Advantages Of Backflow Incense Burners You Can Use At Home

Ceramic Porcelain Buddha Incense BurnerIncense BurnerA

Incense burners from 1300 BC has made ripples in the archaeology journals. It is a soothing therapy that has its roots since hundreds and thousands of years. If you haven’t fallen in love with incenses, you will fall head over heels for backflow incense burners.

Let’s find out all the good reasons why backflow incense burners are a must-have for every home. If you know exactly what do you want already, I suggest checking AtPerry’s Healing Crystals collection of incense burners.

1.    Aromatherapy Uses Of Backflow Incenses

When you light up an incense cone with incense burner, you are actively taking part in aromatherapy. Organic, natural and safe, backflow incense burners are better than sticks. Incenses such as Sakura can be used for meditation too. Or just light up a backflow incense and do your pedicure or go to sleep to feel the relaxing effects of the incense.

2.    Gorgeous Interior Decor With Incense

Unlike incense sticks that falls here and there, making more mess in your home, backflow incense cones are easy to refill and use. The smoke will follow the aesthetic route to make the incense burner glowing with a sea of smoke. Backflow incense burners are good because they add to the beauty of the incense besides offering easy maintenance.  

3.    Feng Shui Of Backflow Incense

Another little-known benefit of backflow incense is the flow of air that it supports. Feng shui experts such as Ceida Uilyc comments that lighting a candle next to your backflow incense burner will amplify its energy when combined with your zodiac birthstone. It can cleanse the space and harness good feng shui, accelerating the flow of energy.

4.    De-Humidifying Aspects Of Incense

Do you know a good incense burner also de-humidifies your room? Although not as powerful as a dehumidifier machine, backflow incense can cleanse the dust and pollens or allergens in your room. It is excellent for removing congesting and bad energies or bad mojo from your room. Just light a backflow incense and all your worries will vanish.

5.    Long Lasting Incense Fragrance

Unlike an incense stick, incense burner with backflow also offer durable fragrance. It doesn’t just get over in 30 minutes, but the smell of the incense lasts the whole day. Backflow incense also diffuses in such a way that the fragrance can last all day in the room because it sticks.


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