Most of us use crystals for manifesting our intentions. Often, this is done with one or more crystals that fuel one chakra. However, what if you could energize all your major seven chakras at once? Would the manifestation happen quickly? Would it be effective? Therefore, I have experimented with multi-chakra crystals and stumbled on crystal chakra wands that contains all the ingredients for a perfect manifestation ritual.

In fact, today you will learn about chakra wands of crystals to manifest your intentions.

What Are Crystal Chakra Wands?

When a wand is made with seven chakra crystals set on it, it is called a chakra crystal wand. In fact, anything with the seven crystals corresponding to the seven major chakras- Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root chakras is a chakra wand. Another thing is that you can make your own chakra crystal wand with your choice of crystals.

Which are the Crystals on a Crystal Chakra wand?

Ways To Use Crystal Chakra Wands For Manifestation
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Ideally, the crystals according to chakras can be chosen based on how you bond with a crystal. Alternatively, you can also choose a crystal based on how it responds to your energy. Moreover, the standard crystals on a chakra crystal wands are-

1.    Crown Chakra Crystal Amethyst Or Clear Quartz

Opening your energy of intuition and connection with etheric chakra, crown chakra makes you wise. In fact, it is a chakra of higher powers.

2.    Third Eye Chakra Stone Lapis Lazuli Or Amethyst

With the third eye open, you will be able to see beyond the naked vision. Next, your spiritual eye will open.

3.    Throat Chakra Crystal Lapis Lazuli Or Aquamarine

When your throat chakra is open, you will be able to communicate effectively. Furthermore, your confidence will be boosted.

4.    Heart Chakra Stone Turquoise Or Green Aventurine

Open heart chakra makes you lovable by attracting love into your life. Additionally, it makes you kind and empathic too.

5.    Solar Plexus Crystal Tiger Eye

The chakra of wellbeing, solar plexus chakra restores the health in the body. Moreover, it is a chakra of concentration and focus.

6.    Sacral Chakra Stone Carnelian

You can use a sacral chakra crystal to open your sacral chakra. That’s because it will energize your life force energy to make you passionate and dedicated.

7.    Root Chakra Crystal Red Jasper Or Mahogany Obsidian  

When your root chakra is open, you will be grounded. Therefore, stability and balance will come into your life.

How To Use Crystal Chakra Wands For Manifestation Your Intentions?

Every day, I come across a new way to use crystals, thanks to wisdom crystals that give visions.

Let’s find out three ways to use Crystal chakra wands for manifesting any intention you have. Chakra wands amplify the energy.

1.    Speak To Your Chakra Crystal Wands

Hold your wand at eye level and communicate with it in a closed room. Finally, Open your heart and converse with your crystal!

2.    Point Your Wand At Your Throat Chakra

You can also focus the wand at your throat chakra. Thus, it will enhance your communication with the wand.

3.    Create Affirmations While Meditating With The Wand

Hold the wand in your left hand and write down affirmations that pop into your mind with the chakra crystal wand in the right hand.


Do you want to know more about chakra crystal wands? This post tells about its meaning and properties in detail. Finally, if you have doubts, ask us below!


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